101 Fat Loss Tips That are easy to understand, easy to apply, and will GUARANTEE faster fat loss with NO frustration
  From: Coach Rob King Body Transformation Expert Owner, Heavyweights Training Center Creator of Rippedin42 & 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Certified Trainer & Strength Coach   Sad but true story. The other day I was watching a documentary about health and wellness.  In it, they said that most people find "eating right" and "losing fat" more confusing than doing their taxes.101FatLossTips_SquareBanner This really bothered me. Eating the right foods and losing fat should not be this confusing.  The problem, is that the media and food companies constantly need to sell and they need to promote themselves.  We get a lot of mixed messages, a lot of bad coverage about health, and a lot of companies trying to make themselves look better than the next guy.  It's hard for a non-expert to know which foods or diet plans are the best.  When I read the front of a cereal box full of sugar and processed junk, and it says that it's good for you, something is wrong.  VERY WRONG. So, I have decided to help make fat loss a topic that is simple to understand, simple to read, and simple to implement. With my '101 Fat Loss Tips,' you can immediately improve your fat loss results and your health.  

Here Are a Few of My Fat Loss Tips:

Fat Loss Tip #1

Fat Loss Starts in your HEAD.  You have to be committed, focused and disciplined.  You need to have a GOAL.  There are many nutrition plans and training programs for fat loss, and a lot of them can work, as long as you're doing your best, and sticking to the plan.  You have to really want to lose fat in order to lose fat.

Fat Loss Tip #8

When it comes to burning fat, your workout is important BUT what is more important is turning your body into a fat-burning machine.  You only workout for 1-3 hours a day; what about the rest of the day?  You want your body burning more calories all day long while at rest.  This is critical for fat loss.  This is why weight training and HIT (High Intensity Training) are the best for ramping up your metabolism far more than steady state cardio.

Fat Loss Tip #66

Fructose syrup is the most fattening food we know of and it ages you; avoid it at all costs.
Fat Loss Tip #97 "Because you have fat ON, does not make you a “Fat Person”.  Fat is nothing more than stored energy.  It’s not a judgement, it’s not who you are, it’s nothing more than stored calories.  The same way that you carry fat you can also not have fat.  Don’t let your mindset set back your results.  You can change, you can become whomever you want.  Get laser like focus, commitment and a plan and become who you want."

Never Be Confused By Fat Loss Anymore

  With 101 Fat Loss Tips you will find tips on:
  • Smart grocery shopping decisions
  • How to maximize your workouts for fat loss
  • Which "cardio" is best for fat loss
  • The best supplements for fat loss (and your health)
  • Fat loss mindset tips
  • What & when to eat for fat loss
  • Find out the WORST foods to put in your body; foods that actually blunt fat loss
  • and much much more!


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