WARNING 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Program GUARANTEES RESULTS
You Could Lose 10 Pounds Of Fat Or More... Are You Ready For The 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge?
\ RobKingCoachShotHi my name is Rob King, and I am the owner and creator of Heavyweights Training Center. At HWTC, we do things differently. I want to show you that in only 14 days, with the right nutrition, training, coaching and our HWTC community support, you can get results that will amaze you. In only two years, HWTC has raised the bar on fat loss and training in Newfoundland, bringing you the BEST in nutrition and training that gets RESULTS. If you need a change, if you have failed at other "diet" programs before, if you have not been successful before now, and you don't have the body and happiness that you want and deserve, IT'S OK.  You have found the right place.  At HWTC we are always about bringing out the BEST in our clients, and we look forward to bringing out your best.

All We Ask Is That You Give Us A Try

Promise To Give Us Your Best For 14 Days

We believe on building on success.  We believe in building on victories, and in creating positive momentum.  With our 14-day program, we want to show you that once you eat clean, train right, and have positive support and community, results and happiness happen fast. Once you have achieved success in doing the right things for 14 days, you can continue with these things to move forward and keep losing fat, eating good food and feeling amazing.  

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a Quick-Fix Diet

  Let's be very clear on something.  You and I both know that 14 days of good food and training isn't going to make everything better.  It's meant to show you that when you do things right, results, momentum and changes happen fast.  More than likely, you will not have the body of your dreams after only 14 days.  However,  you can be a hell of a lot closer, and you will understand how to keep those results going strong.   This is NOT a quick-fix diet plan.  This 14 days will be FUN and ENJOYABLE, as you become a fitter stronger you!  

HWTC & Community

We are by nature social creatures.  At HWTC, we believe in the value of community and training as a team.  Everything we do is based on community support and coaching.  This is proven scientifically to improve fat loss results.  As well, camaraderie works.  We have a 90% completion rate for our programs.   No more boring steady state cardio workouts and starvation diets.  Instead, every workout will be led by two or more coaches, you will be in a group of your peers, and every single workout is fun, different, and challenging, while allowing you to go at your own pace. This program is open to everyone for all shapes and sizes  

14-Day Fat Loss Challenge Details

We only have 14 days to get you results, so we have to make every workout count.
With our 14-Day Fat Loss Challenge Program You Get:
  • 2 Group Classes A Week On Tuesday & Thursday (4 Group Workouts)
  • 14-Day Access To Heavyweights Training Center
  • 14-Day Customized Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
  • 14-Day Fat Loss Challenge Recipe Guide
  • 14-Day Customized Fat Loss Body Weight Workouts
  • 14-Day Customized Finishers Guide
  • 14-Day Recommended Supplements Guide
  • 14-Day Fat Loss Challenge Calendar
  • Private Facebook Community Group For Support 24/7


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