WARNING 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Program GUARANTEES RESULTS
You Could Lose 10 Pounds Of Fat Or More... Do You Have What It Takes?
[COUNTDOWN] RobKingCoachShot From: Robert King CPT, CPPS TT Strength Coach & Body Transformation Expert Owner, Heavyweights Training Center Creator of 'Rippedin42,' 'Built in 42' & '21-Day Rapid Fat Loss' Certified Training For Warriors trainer, Level I & II Certified Charles Poliquin Bio Sig Level I Certified Turbulence Trainer     Dear Friend, My name is Rob King, I am a Fitness Coach & Body Transformation Expert. When it comes to Fat Loss & Body Transformation I get results. FAST. But before I share with you some of my results or how I get such amazing results in such a short period of time I want to tell you something.  

Everything You Have Been Told About Weight Loss Is LIE

If you are ready for the truth then keep reading, but keep in mind "Don't Kill The Messenger".  What I am going to share with you WORKS and the proof is in my results.   Fat Loss Myths
  • Boring Steady State Cardio Burns Fat The Best (I HATE this one, at my gym we have NO Cardio Machines)
  • Don't Eat After 7pm Or You Will Get Fat (NOT TRUE)
  • Workouts Need To Be 1-2 Hours For Results (Actually Long Workouts Make You Fatter)
  • Lifting Weights Will Make You Big & Bulky (Lies, Lies, Lies)
  • You Need To Cut Calories To Lose Fat (Wrong, It's The TYPE Of Calories That Matters)
  • You Need To Starve Yourself To Lose Fat (This is the WORST Thing You Could Do For Fat Loss)
  • You Need Fat Burners To Lose Weight (WRONG, But There ARE Safe Supplements That Can Help)
  • You Can Only Lose 1-2 Pounds Of Fat A Week (NOT TRUE!)
Now I know what you are thinking. You don't know what to believe anymore. But that is OK, It's NOT YOUR FAULT. All that I ask is that you trust me and give me 14 Days and I will PROVE my program works.   Why Should You Trust Me? I started my journey into health and fitness at the age of 14 when I joined Martial Arts and my local YMCA. Once I started lifting weights and doing Martial Arts I never looked back and to this day I still love everything related to fitness and exercise. My professional journey in Fitness started in 1999 when at the age of 25 I opened my first Heavyweights Sports Supplement Store after being a personal trainer at the same YMCA I joined when I was 14.  After a few years of personal training and going to school I started selling supplements out of my parents house as a side business to help people and pay my way through school. A few years later I opened my store and, well, the rest is history. In 2009 I opened my gym Heavyweights Training Center and started to offer personal training and body transformation programs and since then I have coached thousands of clients to happier healthier stronger lives both at my gym and online. I love what I do and it's all I want to do. With my programs like Rippedin42, 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss, StrongHERin42, Transformin42, and Builtin42 I have changed thousands of lives preaching the truth about fat loss, strength training, and everything fitness. I am known for the results I get my clients and you can see from the transformations below I get results.

This is only a few of my results. 

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The 14 Fat Loss Challenge System

  14DayFatLossChallenge_DietPlan_ebook  14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Diet Plan With the 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Diet Plan you get the whole 14 days of meals laid out it an easy to read, easy to apply, and easy to follow layout. Our 14 Day Nutrition Plan will make eating healthy for fat loss easy as pie (no pun intended). Everything will be laid out and very easy for you to follow. As the saying goes "if you fail to plan, plan to fail" and with Nutrition this could not be more true. Abs are made in the kitchen so follow our 14 Day Nutrition Plan, it works.   14DayFatLossChallenge_RecipeGuide_ebook 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Recipe Guide With our 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Recipe Guide you will get a variety of healthy, tasty meals designed for fat loss. These recipes taste good and are good for you. Abs are made in the kitchen and fat loss is about what you eat as much as it is your workouts.       14DayFatLossChallenge_BodyWeight_ebook 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Body Weight Workouts With our 14 Day Fat Loss Challenge Body Weight Workouts you get easy to follow body weight workouts you can do anywhere at anytime. Your body weight workouts are short, fun and challenging.  These can be done 1-3 times a day for maximum fat loss results.    


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