Registration Now Open! Classes start  August 6th! Only $99.99!!!

From: Coach Rob King Strength & Conditioning Specialist/ Body Transformation Expert Heavyweights Training Center - Newfoundland's #1 Fitness Center Mt. Pearl, NL (709)-747-4700  

Dear Friend,

If YOU are serious about wanting to LOSE FAT FAST, give Heavyweights Training Center coaches just 14 days, and you won't believe the changes you will see!  With our programs, you will:
  • Lose fat FAST
  • Feel better
  • Learn HOW to eat for fat loss
  • Workout in a fun, energetic, supportive environment
  • Eat lots of healthy food
  • NOT go hungry
  • Have more energy
  • Improve confidence
  • Be happier

  What is "14-Day Rapid Fat Loss"? I have come up with a 14-day fat loss attack plan. It involves YOU busting your butt for just 14 days.  This is a way to kickstart your fat loss NOW.  This isn’t easy, but it's ONLY 14 days!!  That’s it!! H!   Why 14 days? Simple. Most people have a lot on their plates.  Jobs, kids, a million places to be...we get it!  I have helped numerous competitors do bodybuilding and figure shows, and I have helped over 100 people with our Ripped In 42 program. But these take 8-16 weeks minimum. Not everyone can commit on that level. I understand that fully, which is why I came up with my 14-day solution. ANYONE (that means YOU!) can sacrifice and commit for 14 days.   Give us 14 days!   What's involved in the program?  
  • We train you twice a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Workouts are short (trust me, 45 minutes is plenty!!)
  • Workouts are held at Heavyweights Training Center at 94 Clyde Ave. Donavans, Mt.Pearl
  • All workouts are geared for one thing; FAT LOSS. They aren’t easy, but they are made for ALL LEVELS (No matter your fitness level, we are here to help you.)
  • Workouts are circuit-based.  You don’t need ANY prior training. We just ask that you work hard and do YOUR BEST
  • We supply a 14-day fat loss attack diet plan.  It's a LEAN & CLEAN Diet.  It is hard, but, again, it's only 2 weeks!!
  Is '14-Day Rapid Fat Loss' right for you? If you can commit to just 14 days to feel leaner, stronger, and more confident, then YES this program is for you! Everyone has different goals, but everyone wants to be leaner! In my 10 years at Heavyweights, I've seen all kinds of people who just want to get a bit leaner.  They're stuck.  They need that kickstart.  They need to take that first step and they don’t know HOW. I have taken the guess work out of it for you. Do what I say, listen to me and my trainers for 14 days, and you are DONE. After 14 days I promise you, you won’t believe the difference. You have my word. Consider this a fat loss jump start program! I want to help you kick your fat loss and body transformation into high gear! However, be warned. I will be popping in every week to make sure you are getting the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE! 🙂  

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Some Of Our 'Rapid Fat Loss' Results

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Where does our training take place for '14-Day Rapid Fat Loss'?
'14-Day Rapid Fat Loss' training happens at Heavyweights Training Center, 94 Clyde Ave. Donavan's, Mount Pearl.    You will have FULL ACCESS To Heavyweights Training Center for 2 Weeks. Heavyweights Training Center is a fully-equipped gym designed with RESULTS in mind. This gym is like no other in the St. John’s & Mount Pearl area.   What’s the cost of the "14-Day Rapid Fat Loss" program? Typically, this program is a deal at the regular price of  $199.99.  That price covers 2 full weeks of a complete menu plan, strength training guide and lots of support!  (In fact, our team is so confident in our approach that we guarantee you’ll get results!)  We really want to heat things up and make this your best summer yet though…so we’re offering your ’14-Day Rapid Fat Loss’ plan at a huge discount!  Come train with the best for just $99.99!  (That’s it!)  

Register Now! 

We sell out FAST because our programs WORK.

We next start Tuesday, August 6th!

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  1. Renee Pope
    5 years ago

    Will there be a Ripped in 21 beginning early June?

  2. Lisa Pike
    5 years ago

    Will there be a ripped in 21 in July?

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Yes Lisa, we will be opening registration for it this week.

  3. Joanne Turner
    5 years ago

    I joined the 21 day Fat Loss Group and it was worth every penny. I have rewired my body and I know I can continue to lose fat and become stronger! The classes are Fab! You owe it to yourself to try this after all it is only 21 days what is that really long term. You can do this!

  4. Holly
    5 years ago

    Hi there,

    Just wondering when the next 21 day program will be offered? Seeing how i just missed the July 3rd registration date. 🙁 Looking to start asap! Really interested.

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Hey Holly we start the first tuesday of every month. Keep checking our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss page or call HWTC at 747-4700 ok!

  5. Tara
    5 years ago

    Just wondering what time of day you meet for these classes. I work shift work and would love to join, but I am working either Tuesday or Thursday each week.

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Hey Tara, our 21 day classes are on Tue/Thur night. However we do offer morning slots at 6 am, 7am and 10 am. Feel free to call us at HWTC at 747-4700 and we can help you ok.

  6. Lisa Lahey
    5 years ago

    Hi, i’m interested in starting the first week of August, which i believe is your next start day?, when is the earliest and latest I can register?

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Hi Lisa, we are open for registration now via our 21 day page here.

      You should register ASAP or call HWTC tmrw at 747-4700 as I think we sold 10 spots today. it fills fast!


  7. Natasha
    5 years ago

    I was going to register online for me and a friend… asks quantity but I can’t state that it’s for me and someone else. I’m afraid if I say 2 quantity….it’ll assume I want to do the program twice:). Can you register by calling. As well?

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Hey Natasha

      No problem just call HWTC at 747-4700 they will take good care of you.


  8. Susan
    5 years ago

    Just wondering if we can drop out our payment to reserve a spot for the upcoming 21 day program? I do not have a visa but would like to take part !!

    • Rob King
      5 years ago

      Hi Susan,

      Yes you can pay at Heavyweights Training Center. Our phone number is 747-4700 feel free to call my team they will help you.