3 Benefits Of Women Lifting Heavy Weights

Far too often women focus on lifting lighter weights and higher reps to achieve a more "toned" look. The word "toned" is a buzz word used to sell magazines and supplements.  Toned means simply two things. 1. Low Body Fat 2. Increase In Muscle Mass If you have a low level of body fat and have a little bit of muscle you will appear toned. When it comes to lifting women should focus more on lifting heavy weights for numerous reasons.  

Here Are 3 Benefits Of Women Lifting Heavy Weights

  1. Lifting Heavy Weights Improves Confidence Ask any women who lifts what her best lifts are in squat, bench and deadlift and she will say them with pride and confidence.  Lifting heavy weights empowers women and build confidence both inside and outside the gym. As well lifting heavy weights improves posture, the better your posture the better your confidence.    IMG_2912   2. Lifting Heavy Weights Changes Your Metabolism By increasing lean muscle mass you will change your metabolism. When it comes to body transformation it's not just what you burn during exercise but what you burn 24/7.  By lifting heavy weights you add more lean muscle which improves resting metabolism.  

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  3. Lifting Heavy Weights Improves Bone Density & Reduces Bone Health Issues One of the biggest risk issues for women as they are is osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.  Both of these can be greatly reduce from lifting heavy weights.  

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