3 Exercises for Better Sex!

3 Exercises for Better Sex!!

It’s a strange trend here at Heavyweights that during every 42 day program someone gets pregnant! Mere coincidence?? Or is there something more to it? According to medical and fitness experts, some exercises and workout routines can actually improve the quality and frequency of your sex life!! Exercises-for-Better-Sex-baor Here Are 3 Exercises Shown To Help You Out In The Bedroom: 1. Squats They will increase blood flow to lower extremities and help with flexibility. Increased blood flow means increased heart rate and libido. No need to explain further;).   2. Glute Bridges Lie on the floor with your knees bent and thrust your hips upward so your knees are at a 90 degree angle. This strengthens the hips and tightens the butt. bettersexworkout   3. Planks This exercise works upper arms, abdominals, obliques, thighs and buttocks, all essential for stability and endurance during those ‘special’ times. The best part is, all of these exercises can be done at home (or in a hotel room, office etc) with NO special equipment required! So is there a link between exercising and sexual health? Regardless of size, if you FEEL sexy, you will want to BE sexy. If you need help with the exercises or have any questions about improving your confidence and overall health, contact us at Heavyweights Transformation Center at 709- 237-9353 or 747-4700 or contact us on our Facebook Page today.  

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