3 Reasons Why Most “Diets” Fail

3 Simple Facts Why Most "Diets" Fail, & Why Our Clients Have Such AMAZING Fat Loss Results

By Coach Rob King Fact #1 - Starvation diets, counting calories, low carb diets and "points" fat loss programs don't work. They may work for a short period of time, but in the end you will regain back the weight you lost and MORE. Not good. Fact #2 - "Cardio" isn't as effective for fat loss as most people think. It actuality, it might even be working to keep you FATTER. Scary, but true. However there IS a type of cardio that will literally melt fat off you, and it won't require much of your time. Actually, 15 -30 minutes is really all you need. When we removed the cardio machines at my gym and did this type of cardio instead, our results improved dramatically. Keep reading and you will understand why. Why-most-weight-loss-diets-fail
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Fact #3 Dangerous "fat burners" (thermogenics and heavy stimulants) are not the answer. Yes, fat burners can work at times, but there is a price to pay. In fact, there are some BIG issues with fat burners, like increasing cortisol (the stress hormone that likes to protect the body by storing body fat), and appetite suppression which can be dangerous, and comes back with a vengeance when you stop taking the pills. As you can see, what most people do for fat loss generally doesn't work, or if it does, it's not sustainable. Worse it sets you up to gain even MORE FAT when you stop.

Combine starvation diets, boring steady state cardio and harmful fat burners and you have a recipe for short term fat loss, but....


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