3 Simple Tips To Blast Belly Fat

3 Simple Tips to Blast Belly Fat Here Are 3 Easy Tips To Help You Fight That Belly Battle:

1. Less Sugar Lets face it, sugar acts like a toxin in the body, providing little nutritional value besides calories. For many guys, its directly linked to excess fat storage, and the belly is the usual area where it resides. Avoid candy and sugary drinks and reap the benefits. sugar-3-640x480   2. Planks This one looks easy but will attack your core! Lie on the floor and hold position until failure. Repeat! Its an exercise that can be done anywhere, takes very little time and will yield amazing results. Trust us, you’ll definitely feel the burn with this one. Planks   3. Leg Raises Lie on your back and raise your legs, lowering to just above the floor (don’t let them touch!). The tension created by doing this is a great way to work those abdominal muscles! All you need is the floor. These are 3 easy pointers to start your battle against the belly fat. Best part, you can start them all now. If you have any questions or need help getting rid of belly fat, or with any fitness goals, call us at Heavyweights Transformation Center at 237-9353, 747-4700 or contact us below. laige-reaises   Would You Like More Info On Our 21 Day Program that has helped thousands of people? If so click on the "Next Page" image below. nextpage      

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