Sled Finishers Burn Fat - Build Muscle - Improve Cardio In Only 15 Minutes Or Less
featured-on-Rob_102014 RobKingCoachShotHey, Rob King here. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fat Loss and Body Transformation Expert.. My passion is helping others to lose fat and build muscle.  To date, I have helped thousands of people do just that. Now I want to help you. One thing that has made a big difference in our results and transformations is getting away from "steady state" cardio and having our clients do  more "High Intensity" type's of cardio, or as I like to call it "Conditioning". Our conditioning consists of Pyramids, Finishers, Sled Work and the combination of them all which leads into "Sled Finishers". Sled Finishers are a mixture of body weight, TRX, Kettlebell, Bar, Dumbells and more. Sled Finishers can be done with just a sled, but if you have access to any training gear like TRX, Bars, Dumbells there are programs in our Sled Finishers workout program that you can do as well. No matter what equipment you have, if you have a Sled you can do our Sled Finishers program. Does sled training really work that well? Since we have NO CARDIO machines at my gym our results are beyond amazing and speak for themselves.

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Most Of These Results Come From

Sled Training, Finishers & Sled Finishers


Sled Finishers

Burn Fat - Build Lean Muscle  - Short Intense Works

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Some Of The Workouts :

  • Push Up & Knee Grab Finisher Sled Finisher
  • Leg BURN Sled Finisher
  • Swings & Squats Sled Finisher
  • PowerLifting Sled Finisher
  • WeightLifting Sled Finishers
  • Bikini Bum Sled Finisher
  • And MORE


30 Sled Finisher Workouts

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