4 Reasons Reasons Why its NOT Your Fault You’re Overweight

4 Reasons Reasons Why its NOT Your Fault You’re Overweight Most people who battle with their weight are experts at the blame game. Sadly, the focus of this blame is often themselves. They failed at a goal, they aren’t strong enough to succeed or they aren’t worth enough to be better. Sound familiar? Well, here are some reasons why it may not be your fault that your attempts to lose weight haven’t been successful:   you-are-not-fat-you-have-fat   1. Sugar Addiction: It’s a real thing with real effects on our health and well-being. Refined sugars are toxins to the body. We know it but we still get those cravings. It’s not necessarily about your lack of willpower but possibly an imbalance with reward centers in the brain forcing you to crave sweets and sugars.   2. So-Called ‘Healthy’ Options: Open a menu or walk into a grocery store and its an assault of ‘healthy’, low calorie and low fat options. The reality is, these strategically marketed options rarely offer any real health benefits. That salad at your favourite restaurant could very well have more fat, sodium and calories than a fast food splurge. Who knew?? Suddenly you need a university degree just to eat healthy.   3. Emotional Issues: Life happens. Sometimes we turn to the comforts of foods (and rarely healthy ones) to get us through challenging times. We eat when we’re happy, when we’re sad, when we’re stressed and when we’re bored. It happens to the best of us! The problem is the bacteria in your gut makes you crave more of the food you already eat. If its been a week of fast food, your gut will force you to crave even more.   4. Too Many Opinions and Not Enough Experts: Whenever we decide to lose weight, we suddenly have family, friends and coworkers that are self-professed nutrition experts. What worked for the best friend may not work for you. If only it were that simple! Its tough to ignore all the ‘noise’ and really get some educated and effective advice. You need a real expert to assess your goals and body type to make a structured plan for success. At Heavyweights, we appreciate the ‘realities’ of weight loss and strength building. We don’t believe in making excuses but use these truths to make real changes in real people lives! It may not be YOUR fault that your overweight, but it is YOUR job to change it. If you have any questions or need advice on making a real plan for success, give us a call at HW Transformation Center 237-9353, or HW Training Center 747-4700 or contact us Facebook.  
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