Alli Martin

My name is Allison Martin, and I am very passionate about fitness, health and well-being.  I graduated as a registered massage therapist in 2008, and have been in the field for 5 years.  I am please to have extended my interest in healthy living into personal training as well.  I am thrilled to be changing lives every day, and I love being a part of the team at Heavyweights Training Center! I can honestly say that I am fascinated by how the body works, and that I consistently strive to learn everything I can about the latest research on nutrition, training methods and technique.  I will be participating in the upcoming 'Training for Warriors' seminar, and can't wait to bring this new knowledge to my clients.  I believe that a little sweat can yield huge results, and I am always excited to bring someone a little closer to their dreams. Speaking of dreams, I am proud to say that this past May I competed in my first ever bikini competition!  I set my goals, and the staff and other coaches were incredibly supportive in helping me attain them.  It was hard, and I had to keep going, even on tough days, but in the end...well, nothing compares to the feeling of being on stage, knowing that you look your very best! After transforming my own body and my recent competition, I am even more eager to share my passion, and to help our clients redefine what's possible.  I believe in training safely and effectively, and not in hours and hours of exhausting cardio that gets you nowhere!  I especially love training women to lift heavy.  The results are more than worth it! I am currently accepting new clients, and would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals.