August - Heavenly Creatures

It's no secret that both the management and clienteles at Heavyweights love their pets!  Whether it's a doggie social, sharing our "you-won't-believe-what-she-got-into" stories, fundraising with "Push-Ups for Puppies," or even occasionally adopting one of our own, critters are a huge part of our lives!   That's why we have always supported the work of Heavenly Creatures, our local no-kill shelter. As a registered charity, Heavenly Creatures  is dedicated to the "rescue, rehabilitation and the finding of homes for unwanted and abandoned animals in Newfoundland and Labrador. We attempt to reach our goals in an environment that promotes compassion for animals, cooperation between various rescue organizations, and general public understanding and awareness of animal issues in the province."  Sounds pretty great to us!

Our August 2013 Charity Hurricane raised $450!