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Rob_DanielleOn Saturday May 3rd Danielle & I will be the lead coaches on the new "BikiniBodyIn42" program at Heavyweights Training Center This program is getting a LOT of interest so here are some more info. => This program will be a mix of weights, bodyweight & metabolic. Strength will be a focus but it's not a strength program. => The goal will be to lose fat, make your waist as small as possible, improve your curves (bum/hips/shoulders) => The goal of this program is to not get someone "Ripped". The goal is not 6 pack abs for a bikini girl => This program will have a LOT of what Danielle used in her transformation for competing at her UFE show a few weeks ago. => This program will give you 2 classes a week, a 42 day membership at HWTC, Nutrition program, Facebook coaching group and more. There is also an option for Personal Training with some of our past bikini competitors (limited spots available). => It does not matter what shape you are in NOW, all that matters is that you want to work hard, have fun, and get in the best shape that YOU can achieve. Your competition is NO ONE but YOU. You can register your spot right now by calling HWTC at 747-4700 to register. To get more information on the program enter your name, phone number & email below. Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.06.02 PM
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