Our Next Session of Built in 42 Starts Saturday Sept 19th

Here is how you can Build Muscle & Lose Fat FAST with Rob King’s latest

program guaranteed to get you JACKED & STRONG in Only 42 Days!

  From: Robert King Strength & Conditioning Specialist Heavyweights Training Center - Newfoundland's FIRST Hybrid Training Center Mt. Pearl, NL (709)-747-4700     What Is 'Built In 42'?   'Built In 42' is an intense and fun program created by me, Rob King, owner of Heavyweights Training Center. I take the best of EVERYTHING I know about Building Muscle, Losing Fat, Getting Strong & Becoming Athletic and put it ALL into one insane program designed to get you BUILT in just 42 days. I take everything I have learned from traveling all over the world, meeting the best trainers, training in the best gyms, going to the top seminars, and I put it all into this program designed at Heavyweights Training Center to completely change your body, in just 42 days. You see, after the insane success I had with 'Rippedin42' I had many people ask me to come up with a muscle building program.  I didn’t want to create just another workout program, that’s been done before.

I wanted to take EVERYTHING I knew and make it into one killer program that will change you no matter what shape you are in and take you to another level.

  What Our Built In 42 Members Have To Say   What Comes With 'Built In 42'?  
  • Twice A week 1-hour metabolic resistance circuits sessions At Heavyweights Training Center
  • 42-Day strength training program
  • 42-Day 'Built In 42' Custom Nutrition Program
  • 42-Day 'Built In 42' Calendar
  • 42-Day supplement guide
  • 'Built In 42' lean & mean recipes
  • 42-Day/6-Week gym membership at Heavyweights Training Center (for your strength workouts)
  • 24/7 Support from Rob King, & Team Heavyweights
  • Start/Finish Pictures

Rob King A bit about me:  I am the creator of 'Built In 42,' and a certified personal trainer under Martin Rooney & his “Training For Warriors” system. Ever since I was a teenager I have been obsessed with everything to do with building muscle, losing fat and being athletic. I read everything I could on the topic, and I got my first job as a personal trainer at the local YMCA (across the street from my house). For the next 10 years I ran Heavyweights Sports Supplements, serving thousands of customers at my store. The whole time learning and educating myself on everything to do with my passion with Fitness. Once my Heavyweights Supplements was established, my next goal was to live out my childhood dream and open my own gym and train and educate people on the benefits of fitness, strength & fat loss. Since opening Heavyweights Training Center I have created 'Rippedin42,' '21-Day Rapid Fat Loss,' 'StrongHER' & have also written five books on Fitness.

I Have Trained With & Studied Under Some of

the Top Trainers & Gyms In the World!

Along with these businesses, I have also created “The Heavyweights Classic," an annual ultimate experience in bodybuilding, fitness & figure competitions. In the past, we've brought in such bodybuilders as Jay Cutler, and three-time Mr. Olympia and Mr. Olympia Runner Up, Branch Warren! Lastly, I run my own fitness Blog, RobKingFitness.com where I help thousands of people from all over the world. I have helped transform thousands of people with my store and gym and I am very passionate about what I do.

"Fitness Is My Life & I LOVE What I Do!" - Rob King

    What Is Metabolic Resistance Training? Metabolic Resistance Training is the most scientifically proven way to burn fat and build muscle and it's only being offered at Heavyweights Training Center. Anytime you use super-sets or circuits, and you train with an elevated heart rate and insufficient recovery, you are doing metabolic resistance training.  However, the metabolic resistance training used by Heavyweights Training Center is different. I’ve modified the heavy metabolic resistance training and also incorporated metabolic resistance conditioning using lighter resistance, and less rest. We take our training in strength, fat loss, and athletic ability to another level with this training.   Where Does Our Training Take Place For 'Built In 42'? 'Built in 42' training will take place at Heavyweights Training Center, 94 Clyde Ave Donovan's Industrial Park. Here is a quick tour of HWTC. Our 'Built In 42' training will be done at Heavyweights Training Center.  You will have FULL ACCESS to Heavyweights Training Center for the whole 6 weeks for your Metabolic Resistance Circuits with trainers and for your strength training program. Heavyweights Training Center is a fully equipped gym designed with RESULTS in mind. This gym is like no other in St. John's & Mt. Pearl area. When Do We Train With 'Built In 42'? We train Monday & Friday from 7-8pm You train 4 days a week on your own following our 'Built In 42' strength training program.  You can do the whole program at Heavyweights Training Center. You pay only $499!! If you have any questions, feel free to check us on Facebook or call us at Heavyweights Training Center 747-4700.
Our Next Session of Ripped in 42 Starts Saturday Sept 19th

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  Robert King CPT, CTT Strength & Conditioning Specialist Owner- Heavyweights Training Center Creator Of Rippedin42 & Builtin42 Certified Training For Warriors Trainer Coach Level I & II Certified Charles Poliquin Bio Sig Level 1 Certified Turbulence Trainer