Cheryl Etchegary HeavyWeights Best Transformation

Congrats Cheryl Etchegary on becoming a HeavyWeights Best Transformation. Cheryl is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She is always smiling and a positive happy person. She is a great person and nice addition to our HW Fitness Family. I asked Cheryl to share her story and her HW experience. Thank you & congrats Cheryl! ========================================= "What led me to Heavyweights two years ago was the need for something different and something challenging. I’ve always been a small person; what some would call a hard gainer. I’d been going to a gym for years and gained some muscle but I was looking for something more - more focused, more guided, more intense. I got all of that and more with my first program at HW. A friend was signing up for a program at HW as well, and I signed for Builtin42. I loved it! Every class was high energy, informative, supportive, and made me want to push myself harder. It was very much a team atmosphere. I love working out, and when someone high fives me for sweating it out together, I love it more So, I did it again. And again. Then, I joined the elite class where we built on the things we’d learned and pushed ourselves harder. Before starting at HW, I couldn’t do a proper push up. I couldn’t do a pull up. In a short period of time, I could do both with ease. While in Elite, we heard a Ultimate Fitness Events​ Bodybuilding/Bikini/Fitness Show show was going to be held in St. John’s and several people in my class were signing up to compete. It’s not something I seriously considered doing before, even when approached by trainers over the years to compete. But this time was different. I’d already seen changes in my body while training at HW and I wanted to see what I could do. It was an incredible experience. One of the things I really love about HW is that we’re encouraged to think about goals. I think it’s fair to say we’re all there for the general health and wellness benefits of being active. But most of us have something else we’re working towards – to lose twenty pounds, to gain five pounds, to add weight to a deadlift, to do a pull up, to nail bench form, and so on. And we get to work towards those goals in an extremely supportive environment. High five HW team!" - Cheryl 14_BestTransformation_BeforeAfter_2015_CherylEtchegary ===================================================== Would you like to be a part of our HW Fitness Family to reach your fitness and training goals? Call us now at 747-4700 or you can connect with us on our HW Facebook Page or click here to let us help you Get Started. =====================================================
Congrats Cheryl Etchegary on becoming a HeavyWeights Best Transformation.Cheryl is one of the nicest people you could... Posted by Heavyweights Training Center on Wednesday, September 30, 2015