The Exact Nutrition Plan That I Use With My Cardio Strength "Elite" Girls
  From: Coach Rob King Body Transformation Expert Owner Heavyweights Training Center Creator of Rippedin42 & 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Certified Trainer & Strength Coach   Abs are made in the kitchen. I am honored to train some of the fittest, strongest, most athletic girls in the province.  As much as I love to train them, I always make it a point to ensure their nutrition is in check. You NEED good nutrition to not only look good, but to train at a high level.  If you are not getting the right food, your training will suffer and you won't look as good as you should.


Here is a video of some of the

Cardio Strength Elite Girls I Train

 EXACTLY What to Eat to Burn Fat & Build Muscle

With CST Elite Nutrition Plan you will:CSE_SquareBanner
  • Know exactly what to eat and when to eat it for building muscle and losing fat
  • No starvation here!  You'll eat lots of healthy high quality foods
  • Nutrient Timing.  Eat the right foods is important, know WHEN to eat them is even more important
  • Get the perfect detox & cleanse program
  • Learn what to drink and what NOT TO drink for building muscle & losing fat
  • and Much Much More
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