Danielle Rideout, CPT, CPPS, TFW
  Hi – I’m Danielle Rideout, and I am involved in the 'Training for Warriors' program, a CPPS certified personal trainer and part-owner of Heavyweights Training Center. I’ve always been interested in fitness, but nothing seemed to hold my attention for long.  Machines bore me...I need a challenge! I actually stopped training for a while because I just wasn’t enjoying the training that was available to me.  This is where HWTC comes in. I started with the 'Ripped in 42' programs and was hooked. I now offer Personal Training and as well I coach our StrongHERin42 program. As I was getting stronger, I was also looking better and feeling amazing. The workouts are always changing and the family environment kept me motivated. When the Built in 42 program was developed I saw the biggest change in my physique.  It's what comes from lifting heavy weights!  I developed a love of lifting all things heavy. The key to the success of these programs for me was goal-setting and being held accountable to it. HWTC not your typical gym, nor do we want to be. Lifting weights and pushing sleds is fun.  I wanted to put my passion, knowledge and genuine love of helping people to work.  What better way to do this then by helping people reclaim their health and bodies.  Nothing feels better then helping someone reach and exceed what they thought was possible of themselves.WCS_StrongHERin42Program_squarebanner I started off coaching the metabolic circuits but my love of weights lead me to coach and co-create StrongHERin42

I love seeing the confidence and sense of empowerment that women get when they get stronger.

The positive environment and sheer joy I get from training clients and seeing their lives get better makes this more than just a job - this is my life.  There is no better feeling then knowing you are helping people transform their bodies and reclaim their lives in the process. If I can help you get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, and feel strong and empowered.  Please contact me by calling HWTC at 747-4700 and booking a consult.  Or, email me at: danielle_rideout@heavyweightstrainingcenter.com.

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