Darren Hann

image1Hello, my name is Darren Hann

In January of 2013 I attended my first class at HeavyWeights Training Center called: 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Class. It was a life changing decision for me.  After all the years of searching for a program and facility that worked for me, I finally found it here at Heavyweights and have never felt or looked better. From taking that one class, I went on to take more; Built In 42,Ripped In 42 and the Elite classes. To date I have dropped over 45 lbs and 11 inches. Within two years I have won 5 gold medals in 3 powerlifting tournaments where I also qualified for The National Powerlifting Competition. I love learning about powerlifting and weight loss and then passing that information onto my clients. Powerlifting  and coaching have become my passions. My Moto is – “One person can make a difference, be that Person.” Certifications and Coaching Experience image4 - HWTC level 1 coaching certification. - Training for Warriors (TWF) level 1 coaching certification. - Weightlifting certification level 1. - TRX Suspension training certification. - Standard First Aid. - Co-coach of 21day rapid fat loss image3 - Coach of daily metabolic circuit classes. -  Personal Training coach Level 1. I train both men and women in powerlifting and weight loss, offering private or semi-private sessions. I love to lift heavy, want to lean how? Or would you like to get in better shape by losing a few pounds? Then join me for a Personal Training session today. Client Testimonials 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss - Adam Stead Darren coached me in my first 21 day rapid fat loss. To say I had great results would be an understatement. I lost over 18 pounds in 21 days!! Darren brought 100% as a coach every time. He tries to come across as a hard ass. But, when you get to know him, you realize that he just wants to make you the best that you can be! Thanks Darren for always keeping me on track. Even if that meant 50 pushups for not listening lol. Circuit Class - Ron Corcoran.image2 Darren's circuit training program provides a diverse total body workout. His motivational coaching style encourages you to surpass your objectives and achieve fat loss and fitness goals! Focused coaching encouraging hard work, combined with a little bit of fun, in an intense 30 minute session equals success. I would highly recommend him!! Personal Training - Tina O'Rourke Darren Hann was my personal trainer when I first started at Heavyweights Training Centre in 2014. With his guidance and patience he helped me understand and showed me what I needed to do to continue on my weight loss journey. He provided me with a custom workout around my strengths and weaknesses (old injuries) and I got stronger and leaner! Always cheering me on and constantly providing me with positivity I highly encourage everyone and anyone to sign up and take advantage of his ever growing knowledge and positive attitude! You will be glad you did! Personal Training - Lynn Mahoney I choose Darren to be my PT Coach because I was familiar with his style while I attended his circuit training and I really liked it. Darren always made me feel extremely comfortable during our PT sessions, at the beginning of every session Darren and I sat down and review my goals and reviewed how we were going to achieve them, always monitoring my progress, always asking the right questions and he was a very effective listener. Darren was very familiar with all of the lifts, proper techniques, he was very patient as he clearly understood that each client is different and took the required time with me.  At times I would say to him, I cannot do that and he would always say; ‘‘Oh yes we can!” Always encouraging me and pushing me to get it done and yes he was right we did do it!!!!!!  Darren, I thank you for believing in me and always encouraging me to be my best!!!!!!  You are the Best PT coach ever!!!

"One Person Can Make A Difference.  Be That Person."