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    RobKingCoachShotHey Rob King here. If you love fitness and personal training like I do and you want to grow your personal training of fitness business then keep reading because what I am offering can change your life. I started my fitness business in 1997 while living with my parents in a downstairs basement apartment with 2 shelfs of supplements that cost me $300. That $300 was every cent I had to my name. From there I have worked hard, learned from amazing coaches, been to numerous seminars, invested thousands in fitness business masterminds and have been on a mission to grow my fitness business. Currently I have 3 fitness locations (1 5000 square foot gym, a 2500 square foot personal training studio and also a 650 square foot sports supplement store). None of this came easy and I made a LOT of mistakes when growing my business, creating stress and problems that I would never wish on anyone as a fitness business owner.  However from these mistakes I have learned and improved. Something to keep in mind is that I am just like you.  I am on the front lines of owning and running a fitness business.  I am not someone that writes about running a fitness facility but doesn't have one.  I am a current business owner running a fitness business and I can share with you what is working in my business day in day out that will guarantee you results.   How One Day Changed My Life & Business Many years ago I was working in my sports supplement store day in, day out. I worked 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and I was a slave to my business.  I loved my business but I was working IN my business not ON my business. Then one day I attended a fitness business seminar in Orlando that changed my life. The funny thing is I didn't even want to attend this seminar, I went there for a "work vacation" because I needed a break from work, going to the seminar was just an excuse to take a well needed break. I had lost all passion for my business at this point in my life. I attended the seminar and I can honestly say my life was changed. I hired a COACH and my life was changed. I had someone to help me, to coach me, to save me the pain of making mistakes, to guide me, and to bring out my best. We are in the business of personal training and being a coach to others. If we don't have a coach that means we don't beleive in coaching even though that is what we do as a profession. Do you have a coach? Do you have someone that has already been where you are? Do you have someone that can save you TME (Time, Money & Energy)? Do you have someone that you can ask for help in your business? Do YOU have someone that can help you Grow Your Fitness Business bring out YOUR BEST?  

The BEST Investment Is Investing In Yourself!


Rob King Fitness Business Coaching
How Can Rob Kng - Grow Your Fitness Mentorship Benefit You?
  • How To Start Your Own Fitness Business & Live Your Dream
  • How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business FREE
  • How To Create Body Transformation Programs
  • How To Market Your Services
  • How To Generate Leads & Sales Funnels
  • How To Create E-Mail Lists
  • How To Create Your Own Fitness Blog
  • How To Create & Grow Facebook Pages
  • How To Get Published In Top Fitness Magazines & Blogs
  • How To Become A Top Fitness Presenter & Speaker
  • How To Create Online Digital Programs
  • How To Systematize Your Business
  • And Much More!

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About Rob King

featured-on-Rob_102014 Rob King is the creator and owner of HeavyWeights Training Center, RobKing-PersonalTrainer2014_ProfilImage HeavyWeights Sports Supplements & HeavyWeights Transformation Center. I am a entrepreneur, professional fitness writer, professional fitness presenter and a Canadian PowerLifting champion. In 2014 in Orange County California I was voted as 2014 PT Power Personal Trainer Of The Year. My articles have been featured in the top fitness magazines and blogs such as T-Nation,,, MMA Sports Magazine and many more. My passion is a combination of health and fitness and business and I am living my dream of owning my own business and now it's my goal to help others live their dreams. Let me help you with my knowledge and experience to live your dreams to the fullest. Rob_Deadlift  
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