Attention Guys Over 40 I Want To Help You Become Your Best
  RobKingCoachShotHey Rob King here. Since turning 41 earlier this year, Strength & Fitness have become even more of a focus for me than ever before! However, it’s still challenging to get the time and commitment to stay active and focused. I have to admit, I despise the recent acceptance of “The Dad Bod” and I think that being a strong, fit male serves as a much greater role model. As we age, building strength and muscle is not only important but, in fact, vital for our continued health. I want to help you be your best. I want to get you leaner, stronger. I am working on a program for guys like us where I share what really works for guys over 40.  If your interested just fill out the info below and I will let you know once it's ready. At 41 this year I have competed in 3 high level PowerLifting Competitions (IPF Nationals & Worlds) and also a Natural Body Building Competition (UFE). You can read more about this by going here. If you don't want to wait and you are ready to burn fat, build muscle and get stronger right now click here. RobSideChest1999-2015

Me at 25 & 41 Years Of Age

I want to share with you what I do and what I know to get YOU in the best shape possible at 40+. I believe that lifting heavy weights, doing HIT cardio and eating healthy is the fountain of youth. As we age we have to train harder and smarter. I want to share with you this knowledge to help you become your best right now. I look forward to helping you become your best. robsig_r2_c1-300x85     RobResults  
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