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A 45 Minute Class of THE BEST Core & Ab Training

 Come get Hard CORE!   RobKingCoachShot Rob King here, and I am really excited to tell you about a class that's all about getting the core you wish you had!  This is our Hard CORE class, and it's designed to get you the midsection you've always wanted! Core & Ab training has become such a waste of time and when I see people doing thousands of crunches and getting nothing but a bad back (crunches are not good for you, in case you didn't know). That's why I decided I needed a class that focussed on PROPER core & abdominal training.   With HardCORE, you will build a stronger, tighter core & waist line and you will look amazing doing it!  

We Will Show You Correct Core Training

(While Working on that Six Pack)


No matter what stage of training you are at, you will be able to do our class and benefit from it.  From beginner to advanced, our team will challenge you with the most proven, and cutting edge exercises at Heavyweights Training Center.

It will be a once weekly class, because once you hit your core the way you will in this class....TRUST me, once a week is enough, and is a huge complement to the other days of your training split.    



Wednesdays, 6:00pm -7:00pm

 Starting JANUARY 2nd!

NOW ONLY $50/ Month!



Or, visit Heavyweights Training Center!

Once registered for the program an automatic monthly renewal will continue until otherwise stated. If you no longer wish to continue, you must give at least one week notice before cancellation on membership for the following month.