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At Heavyweights Training Center, we have some of the most amazing transformations and INSANE fat loss without a single cardio machine... and now you can have the same SHOCKING fat loss results too


From: Robert King CPT, CTT, CPPS Body Transformation Expert Owner, Heavyweights Fitness Creator Of Rippedin42 & Built In 42    

Let's face it, boring steady state cardio sucks.

I mean really does anyone enjoy sitting in place, lifting your feet and letting a treadmill do the work for you?  Same thing for an elliptical machine.  Not very exciting.

At Heavyweights Training Center, we have some of the most amazing transformations and INSANE Fat Losses WITHOUT Cardio Machines.

In 2012, my Heavyweights Training Center Clients

Became almost 14,000 Pounds LIGHTER



Any Cardio Machines

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One of training tools we use for fat loss is our own body.

We use bodyweight finishers as little "mini" workouts done 1-3 times a day in order to improve strength, fat loss, and to feel better.

Workout Finisher Benefits:

  • No Equipment Needed (Just Your Own Body)
  • Can Be Done Anywhere
  • Takes Very Little Time (All Can Be Done in Under 15 Mins.)
  • Not Boring - Every Workout is Different
  • Challenge Yourself or Friends.  Get Your Workout Done. Time It, Then Beat Your Time!
  • Can be done 1-5 times a day

Bottom line is that for fat loss you want multiple "spikes" throughout the day for optimal fat loss and hormonal output.  This means that 3 10-minute workouts are better for fat loss (and energy) than just doing 1 30-minute session.

Ideally this can be done first thing in the morning, lunch time, and then post-weight training.

Workout Finishers Improve:

  • Fat Loss
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Sports Performance
  • Energy (Short workouts recharge you not tire you out)
  • Hormonal Profile (Spikes in key critical hormones for fat loss and building muscle)
  • FUN - These workouts are not boring like a cardio machine

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Heavyweights '42 Bodyweight Finishers'



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