Heavyweights Gives Back!!!

To our clients and friends, Heavyweights is way more than just gym.  This place is our ‘Dojo’ and our second home.  We value our community, and as a community we have come together on many occasions to help raise money for worthy causes.

These fundraising events have benefitted everything from local foundations to our members themselves.  We believe in being the best that we can be, and a part of that entails working together to help make a positive difference in our world.

Here are some of our initiatives to date!


April 17 & May 29, 2013: Janeway Fundraisers - $4000 raised

The Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization focussed on raising funds to support the health care of our province’s children.  Monies raised go toward the sole pediatric hospital in Newfoundland and Labrador.  These funds support the purchase of cutting-edge technology, programs related to children’s health and the further education of healthcare staff.  Click the link to find out more about the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation.

 These group workouts were intensely energetic, and tons of sweaty fun!  Our members turned out in droves to pack the gym.

Read more here on Rob's blog!


June 26, 2013: YACC - Donations were given to the Darryl Gorman Memorial Fund - $550 raised

July 3, 2013: An Insulin Pump for Penney!- $950 raised

As a community of fitness-enthusiasts, we aim to support one another’s well-being.  Never has this been more evident than it was in early July.

One of our clients, Penney Giles, was in need of an insulin pump.  Her class rallied around her, creating a fundraising event complete with prize draws, all to help their friend!  In the end, $950 was raised, and Penney was able to purchase this essential piece of equipment.

To learn more regarding living with diabetes, including symptoms, risk factors, and healthy eating for diabetics, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.

July 19, 2013: Martin Rooney Charity Hurricane for Daffodil Place - $1600 raised

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Place is a “place to call home when it means the most.”  This welcoming facility offers accommodation and support for patients and caregivers who must travel to St. John’s to receive cancer treatment.

Funds raised for Daffodil Place go toward programs and services aimed and enhancing the quality of life for those living with cancer.

You can find out more about Daffodil Place from the Canadian Cancer Society.

As well, why not look at some preventative measures you can take to minimize your risk?  Healthy eating and exercise are a great place to start!

So what does a ‘hurricane’ look like at Heavyweights?  Like an incredible cyclone of hope and energy!  150 very driven and motivated people set the gym on fire in an epic metabolic workout not soon to be forgotten!  How did it feel to be there?  Check this out.