Heavyweights Training Center

Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program


From Rob King CPT, CPPS Level 1, TFW Level 1 & 2, SFG Level 1

Heavyweights Training Center will soon be offering a teen Hockey Strength & Conditioning program.  This program will be designed to give the BEST in strength and athletic training for teens that play hockey.

Main coach will be me, Rob King with 2-3 assistant coaches.

I love coaching and I have spent my whole life in athletics and strength training.  I played hockey for over 10 years and I look forward to taking my coaching and strength experience and bringing out the best in the kids that I coach.

This will include

  • 2 Small Group Workouts A Week
  • Strength Training Program Monthly
  • HWTC Gym Access
  • Constant Testing & Evaluation
It's my goal and my passion to bring out the best in the athletes that I coach.  Thanks for the opportunity and I promise to make this amazing. Rob King