How Colette Dropped 14 Pounds in 13 Days

Collette is one of our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Online Members and in 14 days she dropped 13 pounds! How did she do it? Well everything you need is in our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program but here are 5 things that helped. 1. You need a plan.  Don't reinvent the wheel, don't try to do it yourself.  Follow a plan that is proven to work. 2. Eat smaller meals and don't force food.  You should learn to eat when hungry. 3. Base your meals around lean proteins and greens.  4. Take Fish Oil.  The are numerous benefits for fat loss, anti inflammation, brain function and more.  Be sure to take high quality fish oil, don't buy low grade fish oil. 5. Workout 4-5 days a week for 20-40 minutes.You don't need to be in the gym for 2 hours to get results, but you do need to workout.  Hit some short sprints, run some hills, do some stairs, lift weights, go for a hike.  Do something but get active. Screen-Shot-2013-03-22-at-1.43.34-PM For a program that has been proven to work and has helped thousands of people check out our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.  You can do it at our gym HeavyWeights or anywhere in the world with our online program.