How Tyler Became 100 Pounds Lighter & Changed His Life

Last night marked the start of our latest Ripped in 42 at Heavyweights Training Center. I am back as head coach this time and I'm super excited. Something i didn't expect though was how much its making me think back on my own journey. Back when i completed my first Ripped in 42. I had already completed a couple of the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Programs and I had set a goal to have Ripped bring me to my long term goal of 100lbs gone! The last day came, I stepped on the scale and BAM! The day was here, I was officially 100lbs lighter. Not only had I lost 2 elementary grade schoolers worth of weight, but I'd also freed myself from what felt like 1000lbs of mental baggage! I had lost a lot of weight but i gained soooo much more. I was more confident I was happier I felt great I slept better The list goes on and on. Since that Ripped in 42 I have started another journey. I'm done losing. It's time to keep going with the gain train. Everyday my mission is to learn something knew or add something to my life to make it better. If you have a goal to lose weight, gain strength or to just find the first step to get started, send me a message. Id love to help you discover the feeling of regaining control over your life and the things that happen! Tyler

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