HeavyWeights Open Deadlift Challenge Competition
On Saturday August 22nd I am considering having a HeavyWeights Deadlift Challenge Competition. Standard Deadlift/PowerLifting rules wold apply, except it would not be a full PowerLifting Meet.  It would be deadlift only. We would offer the same weight classes as PowerLifting for both Male & Female and have a Top 3 overall for each division and a male and female best overall deadlifter. This is open to anyone who wishes to compete (not just HeavyWeights members). If you are interested please enter your name & email  below and if there is enough interested I will get this going. I think it would a blast to see how much you can pull on the platform and would be a great way to test your deadlifts for new PowerLifting athletes and for current PowerLifting athltes to focus on deadlifts only. This is open to EVERYONE from beginners to advanced, younger and older, we want a great turn out to have some fun and lift HeavyWeights! robsig_r2_c1-300x85     DeadliftChallenge
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