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RobKingCoachShotIf you're a woman who is looking to change your body permanently keep reading because this may be exactly what you are looking for. If you want to lose body fat, improve muscle tone & build more strength and feel a hundred times more confident, you're in luck because you've have come to the right place. With more and more women taking up and starting to get into the drivers seat of their health and fitness level, more and more are starting to seek out the most appropriate methods to go about the body transformation process. They're realizing that they aren't happy with the results that their current program is delivering and aren't happy with how their body is looking either. Now, they've decided to do something about it. Taking the first step – making the decision to create some positive changes in how you approach your diet and exercise is the most important thing that you could do. Possibly even more important than actually going through with the act of changing your workout and diet around is just having that commitment to make that first step. Many women are fearful of this as we generally don't like change, but by having the perseverance to move forward and look for new strategies that will offer great improvement, they ensure that they will be looking like a new woman in the future to come. Those women who stay scared – they stay with their old program, just hoping that it will bring the results they're after if they stick with it long enough are going to be quickly disappointed. Unless you're willing to create change, your body isn't going to change. Remember, what is in motion stays in motion and right now, the movement you're seeing isn't the movement you want. If you don't create a driving force to push yourself out of the movement pattern you're currently following and create motion to a different one – a movement pattern that will get you the results you're after, you'll be wishing forever. Fortunately, it really often doesn't take all that much to get these really terrific changes taking place. All you need to know is the proper strategies to put in place and everything will just come together. You will be very amazed at how quickly your body shape can change when you're using the correct strategies.    

Many women have been doing their workouts diligently for months if not years and haven't seen the changes that they could easily get within two to three weeks of getting on the right program set-up.

It really can be that powerful. So what is 'it'? What's the technique that you must be doing in order to really transform your body and bring about these new results that will push your physique up to the next level? The technique is strength training.  

Strength Training Is By Far The Most Superior Exercise That You Could Do If You Want Results & To Change Your Body Forever

Sadly though, many women are very fearful of weight training either because they are intimidated because they don't know what they should be doing when they enter into the weight training area of the gym or because they are worried they're going to get 'big and bulky', lose their femininity and start looking like a man. It's time that you got over that fear. What you absolutely must remember is that women simply do not possess enough testosterone in their body to build up that degree of muscle mass. You just can't. Plain and simple. Even if you set the goal to gain 20 pounds of body mass (which I know 99% of you out there won't be doing), you still would likely not achieve this. Unless you put in a whole heck of a lot of hard work and effort. Then maybe, over years you might be able to add 20 pounds of muscle to your frame. But believe me when I say it would be difficult. You'd have to consume hundreds of calories each day, you'd have to spend hours working out in the gym, and you'd have to be committed at all times. Those females that you see who do look very muscular have pretty much dedicated their lives to achieving this goal. Since this is simply not where you are in your life and you don't plan to make the gym your home away from home doing hours upon hours of training each week (nor should you), you won't have to worry.  

Strength Training Will Help You Reach Your Goal Weight, Help You Get Stronger, & Help You Feel Better About Yourself Overall

  Sound good? It sure better. You will not be disappointed with the results that you get from a good quality strength training program so make sure that you calm those fears and get ready to get to work. If you do, nothing is going to stop you. In this book we're going to teach you the in's and out's of what a proper strength training workout should look like. We're going to be going over what you should be doing to structure a good workout for the various body types out there since no two women are exactly alike. If you're naturally quite thin and looking to add some curves, we'll have the need-to-know information you can use. If, on the other hand you naturally put on body fat, then we'll have the information that you need to follow to help melt that fat and increase your muscle tone. Whatever your body type, you will learn how to manage it best with this book. We'll also be going over how to structure a workout plan for both fat loss as well as muscle building since each and every one of you is going to have a slightly different goal set. If you're someone who wants to gain muscle and strength, while you won't be doing a lot of different things with your program than someone who's looking to lose body fat, there are some notable differences that you should be considering. If you don't, you may not progress optimally. There's really no such thing as a 'best weight lifting workout program'. There are good weight lifting workout programs that will generate fantastic results, but to be a 'best weight lifting program', it has to be matched appropriately to its user. When you find the perfect match, you'll be all set and ready to succeed. This is precisely what we'll be teaching you here. Lifting weights have helped thousands of my clients lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and feel amazing. With my Iron Woman Programs you will have access to a proven program to help you reach your fitness goals. I am excited to share my passion of lifting weights with you and I know that it can and will change your life. robsig_r2_c1-300x85      
featured-on-Rob_102014   Meet Coach Rob 11377279_10155663583705296_2070803482731862074_n Rob King is the founder and creator of Heavy Weights.

With over 20 years of fitness experience in competing and coaching Rob has an extensive background in fitness, body transformation and strength training.

Rob is a National PowerLifting Champion, CommonWealth PowerLifting Champion, Worlds PowerLifting Two Time Medalist, National & CommonWealth PowerLifting Record Holder & Natural BodyBuilder (At the age of 41). Along with helping thousands of people lose fat and transform their lives Rob is a coach to countless athletes in competitive Bikini, Fitness & PowerLifting.RobResults When it comes to coaching women I have helped thousands of people at all levels of fitness. I have coached thousands of women. From ladies that have never touched a weight in their life all the way up to PowerLifting, Fitness, & Bikini Champions. His programs have helped thousands lose fat, build muscle, feel better and live better. Rob has written for top fitness websites and magazines such as,,, Strong Fitness Magazine, Muscle Insider and many more.      

Iron Woman Program Benefits :

  • Learn The 8 Benefits Of Lift Weights
  • How To Lift Weights Safely & Effectively
  • The 4 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Lifting Weights
  • Learn About The 3 Standard Body Types & How It Applies To Your Training
  • Discover the BEST Exercises For Fat Loss (It's not "Cardio")
  • Understanding The Basics On Using Sets & Reps
  • Learn How To Use Drop Sets, Pyramid Sets & Super Sets For Maximum Results
  • How To Optimize Muscle Recovery
  • Discover Proper Nutrition Before, During & After Your Workout
  • How To Design Your Own Workout Program
  • Comes With 5 Workout Programs From Beginner To Advanced

The Iron Woman Workout Programs

26_IronWoman_workout_ebook_LearnToLiftIntroProgram Iron Woman - Learn To Lift Intro Program                         Iron Woman - Muscle Building Program          26_IronWoman_workout_ebook_PowerLiftingProgramIron Woman - Power Lifting Program                             Iron Woman - Rapid Fat Loss Program 26_IronWoman_workout_ebook_BikiniBodyProgram Iron Woman - Bikini Body Program                         26_IronWoman_workout_ebook_CompleteAthleteProgram   Iron Woman - Complete Athlete Program                     Iron Woman - Glutes & Core          


Some Questions You May Have


Q: I have never lifted weights before, can this program help me? A: Of course! This book contains information for anyone brand new to lifting and also comes with a program suited perfectly for someone just starting.

Q: I have experience in lifting weights, can these programs benefit me? FemaleTonedWorkouts

A: YES of course! These programs were designed from beginner to advanced so no matter what level you are currently at the information and programs in this book will help you.

Q: Do I need special equipment? A: Having access to standard weight lifting equipment is needed. A bar and plates are a must. This is not a body weight program, these programs are designed for lifting weights Q: I want to start losing fat now; will these programs help? A: Yes! Lifting weights, building muscle will enhance your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. Lifting weights will literally change your body. Q: I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s, will this program still work for someone considerably older? A: Yes, you’ll be able to follow the workout programs without any problems at all. However, for the exercise plan I recommend that you go at your own pace and take the first days easy to see how your body reacts to the specific training regime and contact me if you have any issues. The program is set up to have you losing fat, building muscle and getting stronger, while increasing your metabolism–no matter what age you are. Q: How long do I have to wait to receive my book and programs? A: No wait at all! Once you buy a copy you will get immediate access to download your book and programs immediately. Q: What if it doesn't work for me? A: Then it’s all FREE.      

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