Jeff Thistle
I’m Jeff Thistle, and I’m a proud member of the Heavyweights training staff. I got my first weight set when I turned 16, and I still have the original bar and two of the 25 pound plastic plates kicking around in my home gym.  I met Rob King in the early 90’s through a mutual friend, and I purchased some supplements off Rob, the young entrepreneur, and have been a faithful customer ever since. I’ve always been very active through soccer, martial arts and of course, weight lifting.  I’m a recreational runner and have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or so I thought.  The last year or so despite my best efforts, I was not maintaining my conditioning and physique the way I wanted. Of course being in contact with Rob on a regular basis I had heard about his 'Ripped' program and I had considered giving it a go but I was of the mindset “ah, that seems more geared towards the female gender...that won’t be any good for me.”  Well was I wrong.  In January of 2012, I finally gave in and went online and registered for my first 'Ripped in 42' program. In the first program I lost a total of 34 pounds and gained muscle.  I was in the best shape of my life, had energy through the roof and felt great.  I have since gone on to complete the lean muscle and strength program as well as the 'Built in 42' program, and I continue to participate in the circuit classes for additional conditioning.   The past few months for me at HWTC have been awesome.  Now I am not only a customer of HW, but a trainer as well. I hope that as each day passes I am fortunate enough to bring a little something extra to at least one person who walks through the doors of HWTC and fill them with as much satisfaction and fulfillment that I have experienced since I’ve joined the HW family.