Jill Nash UFE Pro TFW 1 Certified, PowerLifting, Bikini & Fitness Competitor

JillNashUFENutrition and fitness have always fascinated me, albeit, with unhealthy results at times. I’ve been on opposite ends of the spectrum with respect to weight, spanning ±130 lbs. on my 5’11” frame. Therefore, having been overweight and underweight, I am able to relate and help a broad range of people. I was drawn to Heavyweights for about 8 months from watching and admiring the results my friend was getting, and further intrigued from the multitude of pictures and testimonials on the Heavyweights Training Center page, until finally I decided that I wanted to be a part of it and see what kind of results I could achieve. On May 7, 2013 I started a 21 Rapid Fat Loss program, and being very pleased with my results, continued to train at Heavyweights doing the Metabolic Circuit classes Monday to Friday. I was getting skinny, again. Most people would be delighted with this, but skinny to me translates to being weak, and I longed to be strong. Intimidated, I used to watch the girls lifting from the sidelines until Rob and other coaches told me I needed to start lifting weights. But how? “Set up a trap bar and lift it,” said Rob one day. So I did. I kept adding weight and got to 285 lbs., at which point I asked if that was good. The answer was yes and I’ve loved lifting ever since.
Jill with Rob

Receiving her medal, from her coach Rob King, at the first Heavyweights In-house Powerlifting Competition

I started the StrongHer program and also made a big decision to do a six week prep and compete in my first bikini competition in November 2013 with the NLABBA. With a show under my belt, I did the Built program to further pursue learning to lift and in the new year, with help from my coach, Rob King, I qualified for Elite Level 3, able to do lifts I never would have thought possible. In March I competed in the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Weightlifting Competition and in June I got silver in my weight class for powerlifting at the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Powerlifting Meet. One might say, I’m hooked I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge through personal training and watching my clients evolve physically and mentally. I am HWTC PT certified and recently became TFW Level 1 certified in Las Vegas, NV under Martin Rooney, and of course, I have Standard First Aid. In July I started coaching StrongHer alongside Danielle Rideout, which has been fantastic as I get to share my passion of lifting with ladies who are eager to learn. I am constantly searching to increase my skill set to better help people reach their goals. Some of my favori10359210_10154204255815604_4789990684295517611_nte quotes: “The pain you feel today will be the strength you have tomorrow” “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” Jill has recently competed in the UFE Halloween Mayhem competition in Hamilton Ontario and the NL Open PowerLifting Competition both in October.   Jill_Nash_HWBest  

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