Larry Walsh

My name is Larry Walsh. I have been a member at HeavyWeights since March of 2013 and recently became a fitness coach. I started at HW after deciding it was time to make a lifestyle change and better myself physically. I enrolled in the Built In 42 program and have since completed 3 more within a 12 month period. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made.Larry

I have been involved in many sporting activities for most of my life but knee injuries and surgery caused me to step back and unfortunately became a physical and mental “excuse”. I got too comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle that became to easy to support. I made a decision in February 2103 to change my habits with the support of my wife Darlene.

I walked through the doors at HeavyWeights that March feeling intimated and nervous. But that was quickly changed after speaking with Rob, Kevin and Josh. Their motivation, leadership and experience put my mind at ease and I felt at “home”. I remember my first attempt at a simple back squat, the pain and weakness in my knees and struggled to complete just one rep with an empty bar. I thought this is not for me and was at the point of quitting. But the motivation of everyone, the sheer energy and drive I saw pushed me onwards. Six weeks later I successfully finished my first Built program and could squat 245 lbs with no pain. Running, jumping and mobility were no longer demons and I can honestly say I felt the best physically and emotionally that I had in 20 years. All thanks to HeavyWeights. I now get the priveledge to share my newly found love and addiction through HeavyWeights. Since completing the Built in 42 Programs I have continued my physical and mental education through HeavyWeights Training Centre. I am TFW Level 1 Certified and have successfully completed the HeavyWeights Training Centre Personal Training Certification with Rob King. I continue to learn and pass on my experience to my personal clients at HW and continue to set and reach every personal goal. At HeavyWeights, we are a family. No one is alone and everyone supports our community. We are striving to change Newfoundland and Labrador, preach and teach the healthy lifestyle, and I am proud to be a part of such a great team.

"One Person Can Make A Difference.  Be That Person."