Dear Parents,

Did you know that Newfoundland has the highest obesity rate in all of Canada? Did you know that a preteen requires at least 3 hours of physical activity per day to be physically fit? Are you aware of the lack of physical activity in our schools today? Does your child struggle with focus/anxiety/pressure/confidence issues? At Heavyweights Training Center we have the solution for ALL of the above.

Introducing Heavyweights Training Center's "Little Athletes"!

At Heavyweights we are on a mission to transform Newfoundland from the fattest to the fittest province, and our mission is well underway. We develop mental focus and positive outlook as a means of setting and achieving our fitness goals. The coaches at Heavyweights Training Center are unlike any around. We have studied under, and are certified by the TOP in the fitness industry on the world stage. We KNOW fitness, and we ACHIEVE results.

At Heavyweights, we are on a mission to

transform Newfoundland from the FATTEST to FITTEST province...

Our sought-after coaching team will work in a class environment to develop fitness skills and athleticism in your child. We aim to improve body composition, confidence and motivation. Your child will become part of our "HWTC Family," and will be developed, inspired, and motivated to be the best they can be. Our "Little Athletes" program is designed for 6-14 year olds (co-ed) and it includes:  - 8 weeks of three weekly classes with our dedicated coaching team - The most unique and effective training and conditioning techniques in Newfoundland - Our HWTC "Little Athletes Power Foods" list for help in providing the best nutrition available to your child.  - Happy, Motivated, Focused, Confident Kids!     Cost For "Little Athletes": The cost for HWTC Little Athletes for 8 weeks is $299.99.  This will give your child 24 classes.   Where we train our "Little Athletes": We train at Heavyweights Training Center 1073 Topsail Road.  


Start this school year off right, by giving your children the ultimate gift:

Improved Fitness!

HWTC "Little Athletes" Times:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8AM, 10AM, and 3PM

Choose your time slot and get started! 

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