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Rob_Danielle Hey Rob King here. I have been helping people build muscle, lose fat, and feel better for almost 20 years now.  It's my passion and my purpose. Last year at a fitness conference I met a guy by the name of Dan Ritchie. Dan is one of the founders of the "Functional Aging Institute" in the USA. Dan is one of the leaders in functional aging and making mature people live better stronger healthier lives. I am currently doing another Personal Training Certification from the Functional Aging Institute. Talking to Dan made me realize the importance of serving and helping the 50+ client. So I am asking for your help. If you or anyone you know would be interested in  program designed specially for the 50+ person to help them move better, feel better, get stronger and live better please let them know, or enter your information below. If I have enough interest I would love to launch my "Renew In 42" program as a start. Thanks for your time and I really look forward to hearing from you and helping you. robsig_r2_c1-300x85     RenewIn42_WideBanner_new  
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