HWTC Coaches

You want to look your best?  Then you've got to train with the best!  At Heavyweights Training Center, we offer personal training with
proven, experienced trainers who understand exactly what you’re going through.  All of our trainers and staff have worked hard, and continue to work hard to attain their results.  They live their lives with GFGI in mind.  (That’s “Go F@%kin’ Get It” for the uninitiated!)  

We are accountable to your results, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We do not offer ‘personal training’ with a bunch of boring machines, and trainers who are more interested in watching the tv on the wall or the clock than in watching your form.  All of our trainers are fitness professionals with a knack for keeping clients inspired, and helping them to chase down their dreams.  They are committed learners as well as teachers, and the Heavyweights team always strives to improve.   

Personal training at Heavyweights isn’t just your ticket to a great workout.  It might just be your passport to a better life!  

Click the linked names below and meet the trainers and staff who just can’t wait to kick your ass!


Rob King

Danielle Rideout

Darlene Walsh

Darren Hann

Jill Nash

Kevin Farrell

Larry Walsh

Tish Hunt

Tyler Kearney



Steph Deir