From: Robert King

Body Transformation Expert & Certified Coach & Trainer
Owner, Heavyweights Training Center - Newfoundland's FIRST Hybrid Training Center
Mt. Pearl, NL

I have to tell you a story.  Trust me, you will want to read this.

When I started Heavyweights Supplements, I lived with my parents while in school, and I was working at the local YMCA (across the street from my parent's house).

I LOVE fitness, and I started my business with a shelf in my bedroom and $200 worth of supplements. 

From there, I vowed to always do my best to help people, to give them the best advice possible, and to always do whatever I could to get them stronger, leaner & healthier.  I found my true passion, and I never looked back.

I loved my supplement store!

With my store and my website, I was happy to be helping people in Newfoundland.  But I made a promise to myself.

I promised that I would NEVER OPEN A GYM.

Read that again.

I said that I would NEVER open a gym.  NEVER. 

The main reason why was because I have seen so many local gyms fail and go under.  Honestly, I have had enough stress in a lifetime establishing Heavyweights Supplements.  I didn't want more stress (starting a business is one of the most stressful things you can ever do).

However in 2010, something started to happen and it changed my mind.  This something was BIG, and I KNEW I had to open my own gym no matter what.  I had to find a way.

I felt compelled to to do it.  Something inside me said I HAD TO DO IT. Here is why.

Recently, there has been a huge increase in "big box" gyms invading Newfoundland.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for fitness, and the more people who get fit, the better.  But there was something very wrong with this business model.  It was your typical "Walmart" approach to fitness.  It had no soul.  As well, the type of exercise that was going on was incorrect.  Machine after machine, boring steady state cardio, and repetitive boring workouts.  I hated to see this, I hated for people to be fed lies and improper training.  So, I decided I had to make the jump.

(The Pic Of Me and Arnold On the Left in 1999, I spent every penny I had to go to the Arnold Classic and live out a dream and meet Arnold!)

I decided to take my passion for fitness & training and learn from THE BEST IN THE WORLD.  I decided to INVEST heavily in real world education.  Traveling and training and LEARNING from the best of the best to bring the RIGHT information to Newfoundland and my clients.

I wanted to have the best training, the best environment, the best people...I wanted something with purpose & passion.

I wanted to CHANGE LIVES.

Heavyweights Training Center is my dream of bringing the BEST training & results to Newfoundland.

You have MY PROMISE that the training, knowledge and experience will be like NOTHING you have ever experienced before.

You have my guarantee.