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RobKingCoachShotFrom Robert King

National PowerLifting Champion, Common Wealth Champion, Two Time Worlds Medalist & Multiple Record Holder

Hey Coach Rob here. After my last competition in Texas competing for Team Canada at Worlds I had an amazing experience and did my best.  I was proud to bring home a Bronze Medal in my division which was a dream come true.  This was my 4th time competing for Team Canada and 3rd time competing at Worlds. I love Power Lifting & lifting Heavy Weights and I love helping people get started in liftitng, or progressing them to higher levels and even sometime to compete!

If you are looking get stronger, build lean muscle, and lift Heavy Weights my PowerLift In 42 program is perfect for you.

My passion is lifting, strength and PowerLifting so I have put everything I can into this program to get you results. I have been lifting since I was 17 years old. It's my passion and my business. In my life I have competed in 4 bodybuilding competitions, 1 Olympic WeightLifting Meet and Countless PowerLifting Meets.  I have competed for Team Canada 4 times, competed at 3 World Championships (South Africa, Finland & Texas) and 1 Common Wealth Championship in BC. At the moment I currently write for,,, and more. As well I won 2014 PT Power Personal Trainer Of The Year. Like my training and my life I like to keep things simple and with this program you will get solid strength results in 42 days, as well it's very simple to follow but VERY effective.

What Can You Expect With PowerLiftIn42?RobKing_TrainerOfTheYear2014_24x36_B

=> No matter if you are competing or not this program will get you stronger in the basic "Big 3 Exercises".=> Get Strong FAST with the Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift => PowerLiftin42 is VERY simple to follow. It's designed for the beginner/intermediate level lifter. If you have been training under 3 years it's perfect for you. => This is the same program I used with 20+ of my clients at HeavyWeights Training Center to get them to compete, most of them at their first powerlifting meet. => This program has everything mapped out in an easy to read, easy to follow, easy to apply program. There is no guess work. It is all laid out day by day for you to follow. => It does not matter what shape you are in NOW, all that matters is that you want to work hard, have fun, and get in the best shape that YOU can achieve.   11377279_10155663583705296_2070803482731862074_n

My Coaching & Competing Results

  • Winner 2014 IPF Canadian National PowerLifting Championships M1 83 kg.

  • Winner Overall 2015 Common Wealth Championships BC
  • Bronze Medal Winner 2015 Power Lifting World Championships In Salo Finland
  • Bronze Medal Winner 2016 Power Lifting World Championships Killeen Texas
  • Common Wealth Deadlift Record 2015 (Salo Finland Worlds)
  • National Squat Record 2015 (St. John's Nationals)
  • Competed 4 Times with Team Canada Power Lifting
  • 2014 PT Power Personal Trainer Of The Year

  • Coached Over 100 Athletes In Competition Meets

  • Coached A Canadian National PowerLifting Champion

  • Coached Numerous Provincial PowerLifting Winners

  • Over 20 Years Competing & Coaching Experience

  IMG_7494 Robert_King_2 MeganDeadliftRecord CommonWealthDeadliftRecord    
With PowerLiftIn42 You Get Everything You Need To Get Stronger In Squats, Bench Press & Deadlifts in Only 42 Days

PowerLift In 42 Program




  • PowerLift In 42 Strength Guide

  • PowerLift In 42 Nutrition Program

  • PowerLift In 42 Road Map

  • PowerLift In 42 Lifting Progress Guide

  • PowerLift In 42 Exercise Video Demonstrations

  • PowerLift In 42 Recommended Supplements

  PowerLift In 42 is for Men & WOMEN Lifting Heavy Weights Will Make You Strong & Lean & Not "Bulky"  



FAQ About PowerLiftIn42 Program

How Experienced Should I Be To Do This Program?

Anywhere from six months to three years should be ok. You want to have the basics down of knowing how to squat, bench press and deadlift.  If you are new to lifting check out my "Learn To Lift" program to start.

Do I Need To Workout For Hours A Day To Get Results?

No. When it comes to getting results you want shorter, intense, frequent workouts not long ones. We recommended along with the program that you do workout finishers and pyramids to compliment this program for maximum results. With this program you are training 3 times a week at about 1.5 hours per session.  Do it like Monday/Wed/Friday or Tue/Thur/Sat for best results.

Is This Program For Women as well?


I have coached far more women than men when it comes to PowerLifting and they have gotten amazing results from my coaching and programs.

If you are a female DO NOT believe the myths that lifting weights will make you big and bulky as it's not true.  A lot of my female PowerLifters also compete in bikini competitions as well.


Do I Need To Take Supplements?

No. But when it comes to supplements the ones I recommend work.  I have been in the supplement industry for a long time and I only recommend what I use and the supplement recommendations will help for sure. Keep in mind that Training & Nutrition are the most important factors.  No pill or supplement will make up for those two.

What If I Don't Get Results?

Our program works but it's essential to see it through and follow it. We believe in the "90% Rule" follow this program as best as you can and if you see it 90% through you are are guaranteed results. However if you are not satisfied we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

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