Reduce Pain in Seniors with Exercise

Reduce Pain in Seniors with Exercise  As we get older, joint and muscle pain can limit our mobility and overall quality of life.  Far too often, this results in seniors reducing or eliminating all physical activity as a means to reduce this discomfort. The problem is, that the less seniors move, the more pain they will experience in both the short and long term. Here are some great exercises to ensure that joint and muscle pain is reduced in seniors. 1.     Walking – It’s a light aerobic exercise that will give muscles needed oxygen and nutrition, allowing for more stamina and muscle recovery. For those with stronger knees and balance, throwing some walking lunges in will be even better. All the benefits and no fancy equipment needed. 2.     Stretching – taking some time everyday to stretch will loosen stiff joints and muscles. In turn, this will make everyday activities much easier and less painful, while reducing the chance of injury. Our Tip: stretch as a cool down rather than a warm up to light physical activity. That way, you aren’t trying to stretch cold muscles. 3.     Strength Training – using light weights and slowly building the repetitions will safely build muscle tone and flexibility. This will also reduce muscle soreness and swelling. Studies are also showing a link between strength training and mood elevation for seniors. Stronger arms, legs and back muscles will ensure reduced pain while walking, shopping or playing with the grand kids. 4.     Yoga – exercises based on posture and joint extensions, like yoga, have been shown to reduce muscle soreness and overall pain, while increasing quality of sleep and mood. They also allow for more oxygen to reach the muscles aiding in faster recovery and less painful mobility. 5.     Daily Activity – Never underestimate the healing powers of doing the things we love!! Whether its spending time with the family, shopping or gardening, the very act of being active and happy will reduce pain and discomfort. Take breaks, stop to smell the roses or take the dog for a walk and know that every step will be helping your muscles and joints now and down the road! senior-weights   The need for seniors to be active is essential for their well being now and in the years to come. When pain limits the ease of such activity, it’s easy to just stop moving. This is the worst thing to do. Finding and using exercises, like those discussed here, will be an effective and enjoyable way to give seniors the upper hand against muscle and joint pain. If you have any questions, or know someone that could benefit from more information about reducing pain in seniors through exercise, contact us here at Heavyweights at 237-9353 or inbox us on our Facebook Page.

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