If You Are 50+ Would Like To Lose Fat, Become Stronger and Feel Amazing, We Want To Hear From YOU
Mobility, Strength & Cardio For Ages 50+
    Dear Mature Clients, 340118_392125397470386_261612210_o Rob King with Heavyweights Training Center here. We have heard from you, and now we are going to do our best to help you. Over the last 3 years at Heavyweights Training Center we have trained many mature clients with great success. We have helped our clients lose fat and build muscle, but even more important with our mature clients, we have helped them move and live better.  

Mature Clients & HWTC

At HWTC, our training is based on always trying to make people move better, feel better and become stronger. Through proper strength training, metabolic workouts and our dynamic warm-ups we help to increase strength and range of motion.  Things all of us could use more of!  

At HWTC our goal is not only to help you lose fat, train and eat healthier, but also to make you stronger, more mobile, and to help you just plain LIVE BETTER.



With our focus on building core strength, full body movements and overall full body strength we can help reduce  injuries and keep your body strong and healthy now and for years to come.

The stats on work related injuries are scary.  This was taken from a 2005 Nurse Surveylens8678971_1261602315oldpeoplestrengthtraining

"Of all nurses in Canada, nurses in Newfoundland and Labrador were the most likely to have experienced pain that had interfered with their ability to do their jobs.

Just under one in three of the province’s nurses (31%) indicated that pain had affected their ability to work in the six months before the survey—far higher than elsewhere in Canada. The national figure was 24%.*"

You can read the stats survey here.  

Renew You

Here is what I have planned if I can get enough nurses interested.

We will offer you a 42 day program with 2 classes twice a week.Older-man-exercising-001 We would offer you a class at 8:30 AM and also another one the same day at 8:30 PM (twice a week) so no matter what you would get 2 classes.  On top of that throw in our AM & PM Metabolic Circuits and you have plenty of workout times and options to get your workouts in every week. As well our nutrition program is designed so that it doesn't matter if you eat at 2pm or 2am, it will work. We know and understand the demands and hours of shift work so we have done everything we can to create a program that works and will work with your career and lifestyle.

If you are interested in getting more information and maybe being one of the first clients to do Renew You program simply fill out the information below.