The Most Effective & Proven Physique Transformation Program In Newfoundland
Our Next Session of Ripped in 42 Starts Saturday Sept 19th
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 Give Heavyweights Training Center 42 days and we

will change your body & life, Guaranteed.

Hi, my name is Rob King and I am the owner and creator of Heavyweights Training Center and 'Rippedin42.'

'Rippedin42' is the most effective body

transformation program available anywhere, and

you have the opportunity to be a part of it!

  What makes it even better is that you can do it with us at my gym in the most incredible training environment, Heavyweights Training Center!   But first, I have to ask you a few questions to make sure you are ready for this, because we don’t take applications.  Only commitments:
  • Are you FRUSTRATED by the fact that you can’t go to a gym because of how you look or feel?
  • Are you FRUSTRATED because you've have tried numerous “diets” and “weight loss plans”and failed miserably?
  • Are you DISAPPOINTED to find yourself going in circles with your progress and getting nowhere?
  • Are you EMBARRASSED that you “think” you know how to get in shape but it isn’t working after all this time?
  • Are you INSECURE about how you look in the mirror & how your clothes fit?
  • Are you DISAPPOINTED with all the calorie counting, boring foods, and starving without results?
  • Are you SHY and SELF-CONSCIOUS about approaching others because you lack confidence in how you look and feel?
  • Are you SICK and TIRED of wasting your hard earned money on “Fat Loss Pills” and fat loss programs?
  • Are you FED UP with OVER-PRICED “trainers” at big box gyms who make you do machine after machine without ever making you sweat, the whole time looking at the clock, counting the minutes of your session?
  • Are you FED UP with all the confusing and conflicting training information that's out there... almost to the point of wanting to quit working out entirely because you don't know who or what to believe anymore?
  • Are your TIRED of feeling TIRED ALL THE TIME?

Then today is your lucky day, because 'RippedIn42' is MORE than just a fat loss program,

It is a LIFE-CHANGING PROGRAM and now it is time for YOU to make a change.

Our Last Local Phase 1 Crew Lost Over 1000 lbs Combined in Just 42 Days!


Are You Ready To Get Ripped In 42?

My name is Rob King, and I am the creator of the Ripped In 42: Complete Transformation System. My passion is fitness and it is my mission to change lives and make people happier, fitter & healthier, and I have accomplished this with our 'Ripped In 42' program. You see I was once like you, frustrated, desperate, angry, ready to quit. I used to buy every magazine and magic supplement I could trying to get results only to get more and more frustrated. I have been there, and I understand how frustrating it is.  However, I am here to help. I have spent over 15 years “in the trenches” studying and testing EVERYTHING about fitness. I have studied everything and have and extensive background in nutrition, training, supplements, mindset and more. Success leaves clues, and I have put it all together to bring you a program that has transformed over 200 people in the St. John’s area, helping them lose over 3000 lbs of body fat.  However what I am most proud of is more than just fat loss.  I have improved their lives making them more confident, healthy, athletic, confident and more than anything HAPPIER.  

 Meet Your 'Ripped In 42' Coach-

Rob King

A bit about me: I am the creator of 'Ripped In 42,' and a certified personal trainer under Martin Rooney & his “Training For RobKingCoachShotWarriors” System. Ever since I was a teenager I was obsessed with everything to do with building muscle, losing fat and being athletic. I read everything I could and got my first job as a personal trainer at the local YMCA (across the street from my house). For the next 10 years I ran Heavyweights Sports Supplements, serving thousands of customers at my store. The whole time learning and educating myself on everything to do with my passion with Fitness. I have owned Heavyweights Sports Supplement for 10 years. Once my Heavyweights Supplements was established my next goal was to open my own gym and train and educate people on the benefits of fitness, strength & Fat Loss. Since opening Heavyweights Training Center I have created Rippedin42, Ripped in 21, Women's Only Cardio Strength Training & also written five books on Fitness. I have changed thousands of lives with my coaching & advice and with Ripped in 42 you get everything I have learned over a decade of training & education. Lastly I run my own fitness blog, RobKingFitness.com where I help thousands of people from all over the world. As well, I have written and have published 5 books (and counting). I have helped transform thousands of people with my store and gym and I am very passionate about what I do.

Fitness is my life and transformed hundreds of people with my Ripped In 42 System.

  With all the misinformation out there today and late night infomercials promising that their fitness gismo is the miracle answer to losing your gut, it’s no wonder you’re skeptical or confused. If you aren’t making the progress you want or aren’t already completely happy with your physique, it’s not your fault! 'Ripped In 42 cu'ts through all the hype and is solid, honest advice that you can start using right away to build the body you want.

The Ripped In 42 Body Transformation Experience

This is more than a “program”, it’s an Experience. It’s more than you can imagine, and in just 42 days we will change your body AND your life. Just check out the results and what these first Ripped in 42 Team Members have to say…  

Here Are Some of our Recent

Ripped in 42 Phase 1 Transformations

Jodyholloway JanetMartin

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The Rippedin42 System

  • The Ripped In 42 Complete 42 Day Transformation Program
  • BONUS FREE 30 "Metabolic Circuit Training" Classes
  • The RI42 Nutrition Program (You NEVER GO HUNGRY and you are always eating)
  • Customized Strength Training Program (Created by Rob King)
  • Ripped in 42 Road Map
  • The RI42 Group Workouts At Heavyweights Training Center. Monday and Friday Evenings totaling 12 Group Workouts
  • General Membership To Heavyweights Training Center For Your Strength Training Workouts
  • The RI42 At Home Workout Program
  • 6 Week/42 Day Membership to Heavyweights Training Center Strength Training & Cardio Area
  • The RI42 At Home Workout DVD with Rob King  (Coming Soon)
  • The RI42 Recommended Supplements Guide
  • 24/7 E-mail and text support from Rob, Danielle & Tyler
  • Trial access to our Private Ripped In 42 Facebook Community
  • 5 Day Nutritional Challenge Program
  • The RI42 Success Journal
  • 10% Off ALL Heavyweights Supplements
  • 50% Discount on All Rob King Fitness Books


Ripped In 42 Testimonials

We constantly have our clients tell us they are amazed at how fast they can melt body fat and get leaner and stronger all at the same time.

We even request our members text us personally we love hearing it that much.

Just imagine…A workout program that takes less then an hour a day and will dramatically change your body while allowing you to get back to your busy personal life.

No more long, boring cardio!

No More wasting time watching TV doing treadmill!

Ripped In 42 Community

Lastly but MOST IMPORTANT is our Ripped In 42 Community.

I can’t say enough about our program and how hard our members train and their level of dedication, but with great effort comes great reward and at Ripped in 42 we CELEBRATE our accomplishments as a team.

After your completion of the 42 days training we have a “Ripped in 42 Graduation” and as well we celebrate with our Ripped In 42 Party. This is like nothing else and after a intense focused 42 days it’s a great way to let lose and celebrate our achievements.

At RippedIn42 We Set Goals and Then We Celebrate Our Victories!


See What Our Ripped in 42 Members Have To Say

Ripped In 42 WORKS!

We know how difficult it is to find true, expert advice on fitness and fat loss workouts these days. It’s not your fault. With all the conflicting information you read in magazines and hear on TV it’s no wonder so many people don’t know where to begin and are fed-up with having a body they don’t want!

That’s exactly why we created this Body Transformation Fat-Burning Program. We’re proud of this Program because it gives you our very best! The workouts and techniques have been tested it in the real world with our clients before releasing it to you. We know it works, and that’s we’re offering it to you with such a generous, no-risk guarantee.

Ripped In 42 is a PROVEN system that has delivered ultra-fast results!

The brutal, honest truth is that unless you TAKE ACTION, things won’t get better on their own!

  Where Do We Train With Ripped In 42?

Our training at Ripped In 42 will be done at Heavyweights Training Center.

You will have FULL ACCESS To Heavyweights Training Center for the whole 42 Days For Ripped In 42.  You can do your twice a week Metabolic Circuit Classes with Rob & Tyler and also your Strength Training ALL can be done at Heavyweights Training Center.

Here is a quick video tour I did of Heavyweights Training Center.

When Do We Train With Rippedin42?

Ripped in 42 Training takes place twice a week,

Monday and Friday evenings at 6pm

You commit to 2 workouts per week with your 'Ripped' team!   

  How Much Does The Ripped In 42 Program Cost? The regular price for the RI42 6-week Program is $999, but we are offering it for a low price of only $499. Here is the breakdown if you wanted to buy our program individually
  • RI 42 12 Metabolic Circuit Group Workouts at HWTC with Rob & team -------------> $2400
  • (Rob King regularly charges $100 an hour for personal training)
  • RI 42 Complete Transformation System ----------> $197
  • RI 42 / HWTC Open Time Membership ---------> $ 160
  • RI 42 Text/Email Support -----------------------------> $497
Combined Total ---------------------------------------> $ 3,250

=> Total Value of the Package is over $3000...

==> But you pay only $499!!

  But WAIT! Your credit card will NOT BE BILLED! You will be redirected to our Ripped in 42 Application Page, once completed we will review and let you know if you are qualified for our 'Ripped in 42' Local Program.
Remember the BEST Investment you can make is an investment In yourself, and your health!

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Facebook or call us at Heavyweights Training Center 747-4700.

        Robert King Strength & Conditioning Specialist Owner, Heavyweights Training Center Certified Training For Warriors Trainer  

P.S. This system has already worked for hundreds of people in St. John’s & surrounding area who have lost fat, built muscle and improved their lives! Now you can too!

Don’t pass up this opportunity because chances are that if you decide to wait, you will never take action. This is your chance to change your life for the better, don’t let it slip away.


“If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.”

So What are YOU Waiting For?

Take Action & Change Your Life NOW!

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  1. Dave Squires
    6 years ago

    I have never enjoyed working out so much as I have with the team at Heavyweights. They changed my attitude and my life. Thanks so much Rob and Gill. You guys are truly doing something special!