HeavyWeights Head Coach
Rob King
314001_10151909600920296_1570205226_n Hey, Rob King here. I am head coach, owner and creator of Heavyweights Training Center.  My passion in life is health & fitness, and I love what I do. I started my fitness journey many years ago.  I opened my business in my parents' house while I was a part-time personal trainer at the local YMCA just across the street. From that day forward, I knew what I wanted to do, and I never looked back.  I have been in the fitness profession now for almost 20 years. I am the creator of Rippedin42, Builtin42, the 14-Day Fat Loss Challenge, and Transformin42.  These programs are the backbone of our gym, Heavyweights Training Center. My education in fitness is varied.  I have intensely examined everything from fat loss to strength training, lower back injuries and recovery to sports supplements, to sports nutrition and much more. Some Of My Credentials Are:
  • Training For Warriors Level 1 Coach with Martin Rooney
  • Training For Warriors Level 2 Coach with Martin Rooney
  • CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) with James Smith & Joe DeFranco
  • Bio-Signature Level 1 with Charles Poliquin
  • Certified Turbulence Training Coach Level 1 with Craig Ballantyne
  • WTF Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Competitive PowerLifting & Body Building Experience

Power Lifting

Coaching & Competing Results

  • Winner 2014 Canadian PowerLifting Championships M1 83 kg.

  • 2nd Place Masters RAW Nationals 2014
  • Competed At 2014 Worlds In South Africa
  • 2014 PT Power Personal Trainer Of The Year

  • Coached Over 100 Athletes In Competition Meets

  • Coached A Canadian National PowerLifting Champion

  • Currently Training For IPF Worlds In Johannesburg South Africa

  • Coached Numerous Provincial PowerLifting Winners

  • Strong First Barbell (SFL) & Strong First Kettlebell Certified Coach (SFG)
  • Over 20 Years Competing & Coaching Experience

  What My Students Say Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.21.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.24.11 PM I have coached THOUSANDS of clients at Heavyweights Training Center and Transforming lives & Coaching is my passion. robsig_r2_c1-300x85        

Some Of My Clients' Results:

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