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RobKingCoachShot From: Robert King Strength Coach & Body Transformation Expert Owner, Heavyweights Training Center & Heavyweights Sports Supplements CPT, CPPS, CTT, TFW Level I & Level II, Bio-Signature Level 1, Creator of Rippedin42, Builtin42, StrongHERin4 & Transformin42   Dear Friend, I know how frustrating it is to walk into a supplement store and be at the mercy of the person behind the counter.  I know what it's like to not have a clue what you were looking for, or where to turn for help in getting HONEST information on the supplements you need to reach your goals and improve your training. I remember the first time I walked into a supplement store over 20 years ago.  I got "taken" for about $150 worth of supplements I didn't need.  I left that store feeling ripped-off and even more confused.  A year later, I had my own small supplement store.  I followed my passion for helping others and giving them honest opinions on the supplements that I knew would help.  I didn't want to just sell something.  Many times when I worked at my first store, I would actually take items customers had in their hands and put them back on the shelf, saying "You don't need that."  Because of this, I would sometimes be sacrificing a sale.  What I got in return was trust and loyalty.  Something that has been VERY important to me to this very day, and something that is way more important than making an extra buck.

I would actually take items customers had and put them back on the shelf,

saying "You don't need that,"... sacrificing a sale.

  I believe that using the correct supplements can make a huge difference in your training and health.  But I believe in ONLY recommending and using supplements that I know are top-quality. A few years ago when I worked in my supplement store, I did video supplement reviews.  They were a huge hit, as my customers knew I would always tell them exactly what I thought of the product in question.  Since my gym is now up and running and doing amazingly well, I have decided that I want to start doing a supplement review again to educate my clients and readers on exactly what they should & should not be taking. I plan to use, test, and review many of today's supplements.  My goal is to offer you the best reviews and advice to make sure YOU make the right decision with your hard-earned money. So, if you want my supplement reviews, sign up now and start receiving them via e-mail. I look forward to helping you, robsig_r2_c1-300x85

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