Sharon Mallard – HeavyWeights Best Transformation

Congrats to Sharon on becoming a HW Best Transformation. One of the nicest and kindest persons you could meet it was great to see Sharon "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable", and set some big goals and achieve them! Congrats Sharon! ============================================= "I know that everyone feels like nobody understands what they are going through when they are thinking about trying to lose weight. Being obese since before I even started kindergarten and weighing in at 232 by the time I was 19, it always seemed like such an impossible task with little or no support.   It was to the point that if I thought of starting something new...again, I’d actually talk myself out of it.   But I found the strength to bite the bullet and give it one last try…and boy am I happy I did. I started with the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program last June.  I was tired of struggling and spent months looking at the amazing results in the before and after pictures on the Heavyweights website. I had tried every diet possible in the past and nothing worked, and even the one program that did work and help me lose weight, it didn't teach me enough on how to make it a lifestyle to keep the weight off. I was so depressed knowing that the next pair of pants I was going to buy had to be another size larger. I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I was on my way back to my heaviest weight ever. I finally called to book my spot. I thought it's only 21 days and even if I could just lose enough to avoid buying that bigger size that would be good enough.  Well those 21 days lead to the best year of my life for my health, strength and fitness goals.   I continued on with personal training with Jill Nash​, who is a true inspiration.  When I heard that Ultimate Fitness Events​ was coming to Newfoundland I had the crazy thought maybe I could do that!!  Then laughed and said “ya right Sharon”.  For some reason I decided to message Jill anyway just to get her thoughts on my crazy idea… expecting her to say that there definitely wasn’t enough time to get me stage ready.  But instead she said “let’s do this!!!” So I did!   I started show prep in January and two days before my 35th birthday I stepped on stage in July in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life.   Jill was by my side every step of the way, there to celebrate my good days and hold me up and give me strength and motivation on my bad days.  I dropped about 45 pounds, almost as many inches and went from a size 16 to a size 8.  Since competing in July I’ve stayed under Jill’s wing and we’ve been able to maintain my weight.    Anyone can be the trainer that throws together a workout and meal plan but Jill has always gone above and beyond, from randomly checking in to see how my day is going to going out of her way to work with my schedule to get our sessions in. Having been through the weight loss journey herself, she truly understood what I was going through and how I felt.  Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!" - Sharon 09_BestTransformation_BeforeAfter_2015_SharonMallard_02 ===================================================== Would you like to be a part of our HW Fitness Family to reach your fitness and training goals? Inbox us now on our Facebook Page or click here to let us help you Get Started ===================================================