If You Want Leaner Legs, a More Defined Stomach, Sexy Shoulders and Shapely Arms StrongHERin42 Strength Program is the Solution You've Been Looking For!
  RobKingCoachShotHey, Rob King here. I am a certified personal trainer, strength coach and fat-loss expert. My passion is helping others to lose fat and build muscle.  To date, I have helped thousands of people do just that.  I have helped people to feel amazing and transform their lives. Along with transforming people for fat loss and strength I love to coach females and make them strong and athletic. I love coaching females because there is nothing that makes a girl happier than getting a best on a deadlift, a clean and jerk or a squat.  Girls have to rely on form, and technique.  They are coachable and I love teaching women how to lift weights, build muscle, get stronger and feel confident.  The whole point of this program is to educate women that lifting heavy weights, getting strong and training like an athlete are the KEY to looking and feeling amazing.

StrongHERin42 Strength Program


Strong, Lean, Confident WOMEN

I Coach A Lot of Strong Fit Women

As You Can See From The Transformation Pictures Below:

Lift Weights

Train For Strength

Train To Be Athletic


One Of Our Clients After Our42 Day StrongHERin42 Program


StrongHERin42 Strength Training Program

42 Day Strength Training Program  For Women



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