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Dear Nurses, Nurse Rob King with Heavyweights Training Center here. First off, let me say thank you. You all do an amazing job, and I know you don't get enough respect for what you do. It's a  hard job with long hours, on top of that doing shift work, being very physical, it's not an easy job, not at all.  So let me say thank you for the amazing job that you do. I am very grateful to have coached and helped many nurses over the last two years at HWTC.  Some of our hardest working and best clients are nurses and we are pleased to have them!  

Nursing & Work-Related Injuries

On a personal note, my girlfriend Danielle's mother is a long-time nurse and she hurt her neck years ago moving a patient.  She was never the same again.  For years now she has been in pain and has had to work and live around an injury and pain, one that may have been prevented with proper strength training.

There is no way to completely stop this from happening, but with proper strength training and being fit and strong a huge amount of at work injuries could be reduced.

At HWTC, our goal is not only to help you lose fat, eat healthier and feeling better but also to make you stronger, more mobile, and make you overall feel and move better and perform your job better.

This is a big thing that a lot of fat loss programs do not focus on, however, we do!

With our focus on building core strength, full body movements and overall full body strength we can help reduce work-related injuries and keep your body strong and healthy.

The stats on work-related injuries are scary.  This was taken from a 2005 Nurse Survey:

"Of all nurses in Canada, nurses in Newfoundland and Labrador were the most likely to have experienced pain that had interfered with their ability to do their jobs.  Just under one in three of the province’s nurses (31%) indicated that pain had affected their ability to work in the six months before the survey—far higher than elsewhere in Canada. The national figure was 24%.*"

  You can read the stats survey here.  

Our StrongNurse Results

  Check out the results of our First StrongNurse group.  Amazing job ladies!

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StrongNURSE & You

  We will offer you a monthly with 2 classes twice a week. We would offer you a class at 8:30 AM and also another one the same day at 8:30 PM (twice a week) so no matter what you would get 2 classes.  On top of that throw in our AM & PM Metabolic Circuits and you have plenty of workout times and options to get your workouts in every week. As well our nutrition program is designed so that it doesn't matter if you eat at 2pm or 2am, it will work for you. We know and understand the demands and hours of shift work so we have done everything we can to create a program that works and will work with your career and lifestyle.    

StrongNurse Benefits


With "StrongNURSE" we listened to what you had to

say and we created a program with some big benefits to help nurses with many things

that usually make getting to the gym and getting in shape difficult.

  • Because Of Shift Work We Are Going To Offer 2 Classes a Day on Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm.  This way you won't miss a class when you work shift work
  • We have designed a Strength Training Program based around being STRONG using items like Sandbags, so that you can be STRONGER at work.  This will make you better at your job, reduce injuries, help you deal with stress and more.
  • Our classes will be filled with NURSES ONLY.  So you will have people training with common goals and results in mind
  • Membership to Heavyweights Training Center to come train and lift and do conditioning on your own or with your friends.
  • Metabolic Circuits.  We offer Monday - Friday 3/30 minute Metabolic Circuit Classes 6am, 6:00am, 12:00 pm, 5:15pm.  These are included in your membership fee.  That's 5 bonus classes a day you can attend
  • Complete Strength Training, Nutrition Program, Recommended Supplement Program, Calender, and more.  Everything you need to follow your StrongNURSE program.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can have all your questions answered by our coaches to help you get the BEST Results possible.

Classes are starting MONTHLY!!!

 Only $149, or $199 with monthly access to our INCREDIBLE 

Circuit Classes!


With StrongNURSE

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You will....
  • Lose Fat & Build Muscle
  • Become Stronger
  • Have More Energy
  • Become More Confident
  • Become Energized & Motivated
  • Have a FUN time doing it

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