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  RobKing-PersonalTrainer2014_ProfilImageI know from coaching thousands of people that have done our programs that carbs are the biggest issue when it comes to losing fat. Most people either don't know what carbs are, or they have "carbaphobia" which is the fear of carbs. Carbs are not bad, carbs when used the right way work wonders for building muscle and losing fat. As well they taste YUMMY :). So I want you to have this on me, no charge. Its a book I wrote a few years ago called "The Truth About Carbs". It simplifies what carbs are, it explains how to use them, and it even goes into carb cycling briefly. I want you to have it no charge. You can download your free copy by clicking HERE. Carbohydrate_ecover               If you enjoy learning about nutrition and you enjoy my ebook The Truth About Carbs then you will love the carb cycling program called 4CS. It's the BEST carb cycling program for fat loss on the market, period. Read, share, enjoy. All I ask you to do is hit the "Like" & Share" buttons below.
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