Tish Hunt
Hi, Tish Hunt here, and I just finished competing in my very first UFE competition...What an AMAZING experience.
The UFE organization in my opinion was top notch so well organized, they treated their athletes so well. 10703921_10152698146810993_8784425176517181099_n
For this show I had an 11 week prep time. I followed a macro based nutrition plan which for me, personally, made nutrition so much easier, no real cravings, lots of flexibility while keeping most of my mental sanity haha! My strength training was intense but didn't take me all day! I didn't spend hours a day in the gym! But I did train daily. I had to work really hard for those 11 weeks to stay on track. Dedication is definitely a key to competing in any show as well as having an incredible coach. I was really lucky my Coach Carla Ramsay,  has been there and been through it. She always had the answer and was always prepared and she knew my own body better than I did. She went above and beyond for me in every way possible, we really just worked so well together.
I was entered in two categories, Fitness Model and Bikini Model.
Stepping on stage was definitely an experience I won't soon forget. It was such an exciting and amazing feeling hearing them call my number all the hard work had payed off!
There were many contributing factors to my success, most important, staying organized, always having food on hand and learning to say no. Getting every training session in and being 100% compliant with my diet was essential to my physique. Support systems are crucial as well, I was lucky enough to always have someone to turn to no matter what my issue was. Of course the most important contributor to my success was my Coach, I wouldn't have been able to do this as easily as I had without Carla, she made everything simple and kept me on track. We were in constant contact during the day of the show, I don't think I could Thank her enough.
I would like to Thank those who made this experience a complete success. 10614280_10152698374780993_6301345410222731347_nMonaco Sun, who did my hair, make up and tan, Thank YOU, I actually won this, which was awesome in itself. If you're competing in the UFE (and you should) I highly recommend them. Overall it was an incredible experience and will make a beautiful memory. I am beyond proud to say that I am officially both a UFE Fitness Model and a UFE Bikini Model! A huge thank you to the UFE Organization for an amazing weekend! I can't wait to do it again Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me or any member of our team for more information on becoming a Heavyweights Client or competing, just fill out the questionnaire below 🙂