Transform in 42

If you have 50 - 100 pounds or more of weight to lose Transform in 42 is for you

 If you need help losing between 50 and 100

pounds or more, Transformin42 is for you...

  At Heavyweights Training Center, we are changing lives on a daily basis.  We are on a mission to take Newfoundland from "The Fattest To The Fittest Province." Here are some scary statistics from Wikipedia.  (Click HERE to read more.)

Sadly, Newfoundland is the MOST Obese Province In Canada.

One in THREE People in Newfoundland is Obese

If you are tired of feeling this way, if you NEED HELP and WANT to change,

my team and I at Heavyweights Training Center are


You can see from our HWTC Transformations below that we get results.

Are you interested in becoming one of our transformations?

Are you interested in changing your life?



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