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If You Have 50 - 100 Pounds Or More of Weight To Lose Transform in 42 Is For You


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Right Now In Newfoundland We Have a BIG PROBLEM

Our Province's Obesity Rate is an ALARMING 71%

That means 1 out of 3 people is very obese and needs help losing

weight and getting healthier.  

Let’s not even think about how being obese makes you feel, what is even more important is that obesity is one of the number one KILLERS in our lives right now.

Hi, my name is Rob King, and this could be the most important thing you ever read when  it comes to losing weight and living a fitter, healthier life. My passion and purpose in life is health & fitness. Ever since I was a teenager, I have been made it my mission to help others when it comes to losing fat and building muscle.  I love what I do, and I am damn good at it. I am the owner and creator of Heavyweights Fitness, as well as creator of "Rippedin42."  

Heavyweights Training Center Clients Lost a Total of

13,934 POUNDS OF FAT in 2012

I am not doing this to brag, quite the opposite. I am doing this to show you that what I am about to tell you is true, and that our programs and HWTC Community are changing lives every day.

Now is your time. Let my team and I at HWTC help you.   But first, I have a question for you. Does Any of this Sound Familiar? => Do You Feel Tired All the Time? => Do You Yo Yo Diet and Gain Weight? => Do You Feel Like the More You Fail the Harder it Gets? => Do You Feel Alone? => Do You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin?

 => Are You Sad With the Way You Appear in the Mirror? => Do You HATE the Idea of Walking Into a Big Box Gym? => Do You Feel Out of Control?   If you said yes to any or all of the above it’s okay.

It’s not your fault....

  In my years of researching, reading, writing programs, and working with my clients I have come to realize something about obesity and weight loss. Losing weight and feeling better go FAR beyond “being on a diet” and the whole B.S. “Move More, Eat Less” propaganda that is going around fitness these days. If it was only that simple, wouldn’t everyone be in shape? What you have been told about losing weight and being on a “diet” is a LIE.     DIETS DON’T WORK,   They're like a band aid on a gushing wound.  The way to stop the obesity, the yo-yo dieting and the weight gain is by transforming your life.   We plan on doing that with "Transform In 42."  You see, losing weight is far more than just eating less and moving more.  It’s a combination of many factors that you need to change in order to transform your life.  In "Transform in 42," we cover every one of them.   Counting Calories Doesn’t WORK I am sure you have heard this before.  Fitness=Less Calories + More Exercise.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t work. (There is so much bad information and bad advice today it blows my mind.) Counting calories just doesn’t work.  Long, boring cardio sessions don’t work.  Starvation diets don't work.  Low-carb diets don’t work.  Not eating after 7pm doesn’t work (thank you Oprah).  


So WHAT WORKS?   It’s quite simple actually let me explain it to you in 4 easy parts. 1- Correct Nutrition (Not Starving) 2- Proper Exercise (Cardio and Strength Training) 3- Your Mindset (Nothing But Positive) 4- Our Community (Your Team)  

 This is Why "TransformIn42" WORKS.

I know it may seem too easy, I know you think that losing weight is much more complicated than that. Let me tell you now that it isn’t.  It’s that easy and that simple, BUT those 4 parts have to be together and you need the RIGHT information for each area. I can tell from experience that helping someone lose up to 20 lbs is NOT the same as helping someone lose 50 - 100 lbs or more. For almost 20 years now I have been a student of fitness and fat loss.  I have trained with the best coaches in the world. I have learned what really works, versus what you read in magazines. "Transformin42" takes everything I know about obesity and helping people with large amounts of weight to lose. Our program is bulletproof.  

All You Have To Do Is Take The First Step and Let Us Help You

  What Is "TransformIn42"? At HWTC, we base our training around 42-day (6 week) blocks.  Like our other programs that have changed lives at HWTC, such as "Rippedin42" and "Builtin42," "Transformin42" is a specifically designed complete program.  The difference is that it was made to help people with large amounts of weight to lose (50-100 lbs and more).   Is "TransformIn42" a Diet? NO. "Transformin42" includes a sound nutrition program designed to have you eating LOTS of foods. You will never count calories You will never feel like you are starving. You will lose weight by eating more food. You will be more educated on making the RIGHT choices.  

All You Have To Do Is Take The First Step and Apply.

How Often Do We Train with Transform In 42? You will do 2 group workouts a week at Heavyweights Training Center. At Heavyweights Training Center we have a large gym facility with more than 5000 square feet to train.   The Transform in 42 Transformation System contains the following: => Transform in 42 Nutrition System => Transform in 42 Metabolic System => Transform In 42 Strength Training System => Transform in 42 At Home Workouts => Transform in 42 Recommended Supplements => Transform in 42 Training Journal => Transform in 42 Daily Success Journal => Transform in 42 Facebook Community Group =>  42 Day Membership to Heavyweights Gym => 12 Group Fitness Classes at Heavyweights Training Center => 24/7 Support => Your Guaranteed Success    What is the Investment for Transform in 42? The investment for Transform in 42 is a serious commitment. We ONLY want you to apply if you are serious and committed to making a change and Transforming your life. Your investment will be your time, your focus, your energy, your emotions.   How Much Does Transform In 42 Cost? If you are accepted to the Transform in 42 Program your total investment is only $499. There is a $50 application fee with your application which IF you get accepted will be credited to your Transform in 42 membership. At HWTC we want to change Newfoundland and take our province from The Fattest To The Fittest Province.   Would You Like To Join Our Mission? If Yes then keep reading.   I Want To Sign Up, How Can I Register? Like all of our 42 day programs you must apply and tell us why you should be chosen for Transform in 42. What we offer you can't just "buy", you need to experience. Our coaching, service and programs are nothing but the best. Before we commit to helping you we need to know you are serious and ready to commit to letting us help you. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and we will let you know if you are suitable for "Transform in 42."

Our 42-day program success rate is 92%.

We don’t let people fail.

We will NOT Let You Fail.


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You can see from our HWTC Transformations below that we get results.

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changing your life, we are here to help you.

These Transformations took from 6 Months to 1 Year








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