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RobKing-PersonalTrainer2014_ProfilImage   From: Robert King CPT, CTT, CPPS Body Transformation Expert Owner, Heavyweights Fitness PowerLifting National Champion 2014 Personal Trainer Of The Year   Lets face it.  There is nothing more confusing when it comes to nutrition than carbohydrates.  We all know we need protein, and finally the world is starting to realize the importance of GOOD fats (and somewhat even bad fats), but when it comes to carbohydrates there is still way too much confusing information out there. My goal with "The Truth About Carbs" is to break down everything you need to know about carbohydrates into a simple, easy-to-read, easy-to-implement strategy for fat loss & muscle building.   If You Want Results, You HAVE To Eat Carbohydrates...Properly I have personally tested & tried a lot of diets on the market today.  Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Paleo carbs1get the picture! I am a big believer in experiencing.  It's hard to have a well-informed opinion without trying something. The Truth About Carbohydrates will break down everything you need to know about carbohydrates so that you don't have to be confused any longer. You NEED to eat carbs!  The more difficult thing is what kind of carbohydrates to eat and when and HOW MUCH?



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 The Truth About Carbohydrates Highlights

  • Which Carbs are Good For Fat Loss
  • Which Carbs You NEED To Avoid
  • Basics On "Carbohydrate Timing"
  • How To Use Carbohydrates For Building Muscle
  • How To Use Carbohydrates For Losing Fat
  • The Difference between "Slow" & "Fast" Carbohydrates
I know that most people fear carbohydrates, but they're not all created equal.  Let me help you understand carbs and how to use them the right way for strength training, fat loss, building muscle & transforming your body.    
      Rob King, CPT, CTT, CPPS
Body Transformation Expert
Certified Personal Trainer Certified Turbulence Trainer Training For Warriors Certified Level 1 & 2 Charles Poliquin Bio-Signature Certified Level 1           Certified Physical Preparation Specialist

Find out everything you need to know about carbohydrates.

I promise you will find this to be simple yet effective.

My nutrition program is easy to use and follow & proven to work.

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