What’s Really In Your Fish Oil?

What's Really In Your Fish Oil?   Do You Get Yucky Fish Burps When You Take Fish Oil? Maybe You Should Ask Yourself What's Really In Your Fish Oil. Always remember, you get what you pay for. This holds true when it comes to buying fish oil supplements. We know that fish oils are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, but what about that terrible fishy aftertaste? Here are 5 Factors to consider when buying fish oil: 1. Purity. The oil must meet international standards for heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and other contaminants. Many do not – even when they claim they do.FishOilQuality 2. Freshness. Omega-3 oils are susceptible to oxidation, which makes them rancid. Rancid oils are pro-inflammatory and contribute to the diseases you’re trying to relieve or prevent by taking fish oil in the first place! 3. Potency. In order to have the desired anti-inflammatory effect, fish oil must contain an adequate amount of the long-chain omega-3 derivatives EPA and DHA. DHA is especially important. 4. Nutrients. All fish oils contain some amount of EPA and DHA. However, fish liver oil (from cod, skate or shark) also contains naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins that are difficult to obtain from foods. 5. Cost: the product must be relatively affordable to be practical for most people. However, often buying fish oil in bulk could mean less quality and effectiveness.   There are alot of things to consider when finding the perfect fish oil for you. We at Heavyweights suggest NutraSea fish oil products. They are the highest quality, never rancid and have a fresh minty flavour!! We stock them at both our locations (860 Topsail Road and 94 Clyde Ave). Drop by today to stock up or for answers to any of your supplement questions!!